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Diversity Readings Related to First-Year Courses

Pleading & Civil Rights, etc.

Symposium, Civil Rights and Civil Procedure: The Legacy of Conley v. Gibson, 52 Howard L.J. 1-166 (2008), [HeinOnline]. Includes:

Andrew I. Gavil, Introduction, 52 Howard L.J. 1-16 (2008)

Robert L. Carter, Civil Procedure as a Vindicator of Civil Rights: The Relevance of Conley v. Gibson in the Era of Plausibility Pleading, 52 Howard L.J. 17-30 (2008)

Roy L. Brooks, Conley and Twombly: A Critical Race Theory Perspective, 52 Howard L.J. 31-72 (2008)

Emily Sherwin, The Jurisprudence of Pleading: Rights, Rules, and Conley v. Gibson, 52 Howard L.J. 73-98 (2008)

A. Benjamin Spencer, Pleading Civil Rights Claims in the Post-Conley Era, 52 Howard L.J. 99-166 (2008)