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Diversity Readings Related to First-Year Courses

Procedural Due Process - Articles

Donald N. Bersoff, Judicial Deference to Nonlegal Decisionmakers: Imposing Simplistic Solutions on Problems of Cognitive Complexity in Mental Disability Law, 46 SMU L. Rev. 329 (1992). [HeinOnline] [SMU Law Review]

Brooke D. Coleman, Lassiter v. Department of Social Services: Why is it Such a Lousy Case?, 12 Nev. L.J. 591 (2012). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]

Anthony Taibi, Note, Politics and Due Process: The Rhetoric of Social Security Disability Law, 1990 Duke L.J. 913 (1990). [HeinOnline] [Duke Law Journal]