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2018-19 CILP & Smart CILP Pricing & Subscription Information

Updated May 21, 2018.

Publication/billing period is from July 1 to June 30.

CILP publishes 50 issues annually, dated Friday of each week except for a winter and a summer vacation week. We can add and prorate new subscriptions at any time. However, we cannot give refunds or credits for cancellations once a subscription is accepted. Subscriptions are considered continuous until notification of intent to cancel is received. Once notified, we can cancel subscriptions for the next publication year.

We no longer offer hardcopy (paper) subscriptions.

2018-19 Electronic subscription: $1140

  • Includes UNLIMITED number of SmartCILP profiles for your institution.
  • Non-commercial site license: Transmissions via LANs, WANs, e-mail, and on-line catalogs within the subscriber's institution are permitted. Subscriber is granted limited permission to print or copy any number of copyrighted issues in their entirety for non-commercial purposes at the subscriber’s institution only.
  • Subscriber's institutions
    • For law firms, subscription includes up to ten branch libraries.
    • For universities, subscription includes the campus on which the law school is located and all branch campuses that do not house a law school.
  • Consortial pricing is available.

2018-19 Individual subscription: $336

Washington state residents add local sales tax (9.5% for Seattle)

Payment can be made by:

Please have your invoice number ready when paying online.

Send to:
Subscription Manager, CILP
Gallagher Law Library
University of Washington School of Law
Box 353025
Seattle, WA 98195-3025

Credit card subscription payments

Phone: (206) 543-4089
Fax: (206) 685-2165
Email: libpubs
Technical help: cilptech


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are there H, L, and W links in my SmartCILP when I cannot get to the article online?

A: When you click on an H, L, or W link, you are really running a search for that article's citation. Sometimes we include the link even though the article is not yet uploaded to the major systems. Having the links integrated into SmartCILP ensures you get the article just as soon it is available.


Q: A users wants to update his or her SmartCILP profile. How do they get their code?

A: If the user contas, they will be referred to the "Reference or Technical Services Librarian at your institution." SmartCILP users may need to be reminded who their CILP contact is at their institution to avoid confusion. Please note: new profiles override old profiles.

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