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Robert A. Berst Memorial Fund

The Washington State Bar Association's Senior Lawyers Section made a gift to the Law Library in Bob Berst's memory in 2010.

Born in Seattle in 1930, Robert A. Berst attended the University of Washington for both college (class of 1952) and law school (class of 1955). He practiced for decades in a small firm he co-founded. A long-time law partner summed up his character as a lawyer:

He had an incomparable zest for life that was, as most of you know, infectious. This included the practice of law and the great joy and satisfaction he found in the law. I sought out his wisdom frequently on just how you go about practicing in the right way. His answers were usually framed with terms such as respect, honesty, integrity and treating others with dignity.

Bob’s clients loved and respected him. His advice to them was usually centered on getting a good practical resolution to the problem or challenge set before them. His colleagues in the Bar have described him as the consummate lawyer.

Robert A. Berst

More about Mr. Berst

Dudley Panchot's tribute in Life Begins, the newsletter of the WSBA's Senior Lawyers Section (Spring 2010, at 5).

Memorial notice from Seattle Times (Jan. 30, 2010).

Photo from Fieri Facias, 1955 law school yearbook

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