Compact Stacks

The Compact Stacks are located on Floor L2. The Compact Stacks are on motorized tracks, which allow the stacks to move to create aisles.

The Compact Stacks contain many large sets that researchers use by citation, not by browsing. For example, a researcher would seldom want to browse all of the Federal Register (1935-date). It is more likely that a researcher would have a citation to a specific volume, page, and date.

The structure of the Compact Stacks allows more material to be shelved in a smaller space.

The Compact Stacks include several distinct collections, some of which are arranged by call number and others that are not:

Arranged by call number are court reporters; early series of the American Law Reports; treaty series; historical collections of the Code of Federal Regulations, the Congressional Record, and the Federal Register; and superseded material.

Arranged by court and then by docket number are court briefs from cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Washington Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

Shelved alphabetically by title are law reviews and other legal journals.

Catalog records refer to this location as the Compact Stacks.

Items from the Compact Stacks may be checked out. UW School of Law faculty and students may check out material from the Compact Stacks for an academic quarter; other users may check out items from the Compact Stacks for 2 weeks.

To operate the Compact Stacks, press the green arrow in the direction where you want an aisle to open.

If you need help, ask at the Circulation Desk or in the Reference Office.

Redundant safety systems ensure that the stacks will not move while a person (or a book or chair) is in an open aisle.


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