Charles E. Corker Fund

Charles E. Corker taught at the Law School from 1965 to 1987, notably in the areas of water resource law, contracts, and constitutional law.

After graduating from Harvard Law School, he taught at Stanford Law School. He then served for eleven years in the California Attorney General's office, for many years as a deputy attorney general on the special legal staff for the Colorado River Board and then as Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Southern California Office.

Then Dean Emeritus Richard S.L. Roddis described Professor Corker as "the classic scholar. He craves to know everything that can be learned about any area of the law that attracts his attention. His interests reach not only throughout the law but far into other fields: politics, history, literature, drama, to mention only some. In all these areas he reads constantly, deeply, and ecumenically." Charles E. Corker -- A Friendly Tribute, 64 Wash. L. Rev. 1, 1 (1989). [Link to the article, a PDF document.]

Upon his death in 1997, his family and friends established a book fund in his honor. A list of the items purchased from this fund from 2004-10 is available (PDF).

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