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The Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library is the largest legal collection north of San Francisco and west of Iowa. Over the years our ability to maintain the size and scope of our collections has been challenged by extremely high inflation and by the publication of many new legal works.

The entire Law School community has benefited from the generosity of many donors. Some have established and contributed to funds for the purchase of library materials. In other cases, donors have contributed books from their personal collections.

For many years, the Law Library has placed a gift book plate in all books purchased with gift funds. To give the gift funds even more exposure, we have add information to our catalog records for books that have been purchased with gift funds. Thus, when the library user links to books purchased with these gift funds by using our public catalog, a note about the gift fund will appear. So even if the library user never looks at the book itself, the gift fund used to purchase the book will be noted.

For information about creating a new fund, contributing to an existing fund, or donating books to the Gallagher Law Library, please contact:

Jonathan Franklin, Associate Dean for Library and Information Systems
University of Washington School of Law
Gallagher Law Library
Box 353025
Seattle, WA 98195-3025
(206) 543-4089
Fax (206) 685-2165

Donors may designate gifts for the Gallagher Fund, for general use, and/or in memory of or to honor a particular person. Substantial gifts may enroll the donor in the Marian Gould Gallagher Society.

We are happy to accept your contributions to the Law Library online.

Gifts can also be made to specific funds that support the law librarianship program. For more information, see the Borgeson Award, the Landers Fund, and the Law Librarianship Loan Fund.


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