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Updated Sept. 5, 2014.

The Gallagher Law Library is one of the largest academic law libraries in the West, with over 600,000 volumes in print and microforms.

As an academic law library, our primary mission is to serve the curricular and research needs of the University of Washington School of Law faculty and students, but we are open to other members of the University of Washington community, the legal community, and the public.


Prepared by Mary Whisner.

The Law Library contains a wealth of legal and law-related materials. Major categories include primary legal materials, secondary sources, and finding tools.

Primary Sources of United States Law

  • Court opinions from federal courts and state appellate courts (reporters)
  • U.S. and state constitutions and statutes (annotated codes)
  • Regulations issued by government agencies (the Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Washington State Register, and the Washington Administrative Code)
  • Local laws of many Washington cities and counties (city and county codes)
  • Court rules of federal and state courts
  • International treaties and agreements to which the United States is a party

Secondary Sources & Finding Tools

  • Law reviews and scholarly journals
  • Legal encyclopedias and American Law Reports (ALR)
  • Hornbooks, treatises, and practice guides
  • Digests
  • Looseleaf services

The Law Library also has strong collections in public international law and the law of some foreign jurisdictions, notably those in East Asia. The Law Library is a depository for selected federal government publications and selected court briefs. The Law Library also subscribes to several computer-assisted legal research services (available only to UW School of Law faculty, students, and staff) and numerous other legal databases and indexes (available to Law Library visitors and UW-affiliated faculty, students, and staff)..

Collection Development

In deciding what to buy for the Law Library collection, library staff refer to the Collection Development Policy 3d (2010), which describes and guides our selection of material on various subjects and in different formats. The Collection Development Policy (1996) is also available for sale.

To suggest a title for the Law Library to consider purchasing, contact a reference librarian or email us.

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