Penny Hazelton's Presentations & Publications

Posted Oct. 2, 2009.

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AALL Newsletter

"From the President" columns for 1990 (Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. & Dec.) and 1991 (March, April, May, June & July).

Books  images of books

Includes chapters in books, reports, and treatises.

Configuration of the Law Library of the Future in The Future of Law Libraries: A Symposium on the Impact of Technology on Law Libraries and Law Classrooms of the Future (Thompson West 2006).

The Leader as Teacher, in LeadershipRoles for Librarians Herbert E. Cihak & Joan Howland eds., William S. Hein 2002).

Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook 3d (Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library 2002).

Using KeyCite in Legal Research: Instructor’s Materials and Student Exercises (West Group,1998).

Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook 2d (Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library 1996).

Washington Legal Researcher’s Deskbook (1994).

Specialized Legal Research (1993)


Computer-Assisted Legal Research: The Basics (Leah F. Chanin ed., West 1993).

An Essay on Integrating Manual and Computer Legal Research, in The Spirit of Law Librarianship: A Reader (Roy Mersky & Richard Leiter eds., Rothman & Co. 1991).

Specialized Legal Research (Leah F. Chanin ed., 1990).

Specialized Legal Research (Leah F. Chanin ed., 1988).

Upgrading Maine County Law Libraries (1979).


Continuing Legal Education Programs

Advanced Internet Legal Research Beyond Google (Dec. 2002).

  • Primary Law from Other States
  • Keeping Current

Internet Legal Research Series: Power Searching-Washington Law Focus (Dec. 2002).

  • The Research Process
  • Directories, Search Engines, the Invisible Web, and Portals
  • Effective Searching On Your Own

Internet Legal Research Series: Basic Power Searching (Dec. 2001).

  • The Research Process
  • Constructing a Search
  • Evaluating Sources Found on the Web
  • Effective Searching on Your Own

Internet Legal Research: Basic Power Searching (Sept. 2000).

  • The Research Process
  • Effective Searching on Your Own

Internet Legal Research: Basic Power Searching (Fed) (Nov. 1999).

  • The Research Process
  • Effective Searching On Your Own

Internet Legal Research Series: Basic Power Searching (Oct. 1999).

  • The Research Process
  • Effective Searching On Your Own

Internet Legal Research Series: Basic Power Searching (May 1999).

  • The Research Process

Introduction to Computer Assisted Legal Research (May 1993).

  • Overview of CALR
  • Essential and Easy Searches
  • Computer Search Basics
  • Integrating Manual and Computer Research
  • Management Issues: Costs, Billing, Training

Effective Solo and Small Firm Practice (May 6, 1989).

  • Cost-Effective Access to Law Library and Other Information Resources

Practical Research for Lawyers in the Information Age (1984).

  • Federal Administrative Research


Law Review Articles

Marian Gould Gallagher: Who Was She Anyway?, 65 Wash. L. Rev. 739 (1990).

A Book Review or What You Never Wanted to Know About Bibliographies, 17 Envtl. L. 355 (1986-87).

Forword to Symposium on Indian Law: The Eastern Land Claims, 31 Me. L. Rev. 1 (1979-80).

The Literature Labyrinth of Nuclear Power: A Bibliography, 6 Envtl. L. 921 (1976).

Clearcutting: Can You See the Forest for the Trees, 5 Envtl. L. 85 (1974-75).


Law Library Journal  Law Library Journal

The official, scholarly journal of the American Association of Law Libraries.

Rebuilding the Profession: Recommendations for Librarians Interested in Becoming Academic Law Library Directors, 99 Law Libr. J. 101 (2007).

The Legend of Mrs. Bird, 97 Law Libr. J. 215 (2005). 

What’s In a Name, 97 Law Libr. J. 645 (2005).

I am Not Bored—And Here is Why, 93 Law Libr. J. 565 (2001).

What Law Librarians Collect, 91 Law Libr. J. 601 (1999).

Sometimes You Need a Good Shove, 91 Law Libr. J. 216 (1999).

Tributes to Marian Gould Gallagher and Melissa Sue Sanders, 82 Law Libr. J. 399 (1990). 


Law Library Lights  Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C.

The quarterly newsletter of the Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C.

Hot Topics: Grief in the Workplace, 45 Law Libr. Lights, Winter, 2001 at 1.

Law Librarianship: A Forum, 35 Law Libr. Lights, May/June, 1992 at 1. 


Legal Reference Services Quarterly  Legal Reference Servcies Quarterly

A quarterly journal published by Haworth Press.

How Much of Your Print Collection is Really on Westlaw or Lexis-Nexis?, 18 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 3 (1999).

Library School and Legal Bibliographies, 9 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 79 (1989).

Book Review, Skylarks and Lecterns: A Law School Charter, 8 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 268 (1988)

Circuit Justice Assignments: 1802-1984, 4 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 85 (1984-85). 



The Magic of a Closed Day, 8 Law Librarians in the New Millennium 1, 3 (No. 5, Nov.-Dec. 2005).

Moving a Law Library: Lessons Learned While Relocating the University of Washington Law Library from Condon to Gates, 8 AALL Spectrum 22 (No. 7, May 2004).

Condon to Gates: Some Lessons, 14 LLOPSCited 4-5 (No. 2, Winter 2004).

Books? Why?, 3 Social Law @ Large 1 (No. 2, Oct. 2001).  

The Law School Library: It's More Than Just Books, 22 Nat'l L. J. at C3 (July 17, 2000).

Members’ Briefing: Education for Law Librarianship, AALL Spectrum, October 1999, at 17-20.

Library Highlights: Electronic Law Library, 30 Syllabus 12 (No. 3, Summer 1999).

Academia Now: Nonpreferred Customers, 4 AmLaw Tech 83 (No. 2, Summer 1998).

Law Librarians as Resourceful Strategist, Information Innovators: How Law Librarians are Reinventing Their Profession, 5 (July 1996).

Q & A with Penny Hazelton, Research Libraries Group News No. 35 (Fall 1994). 

Law Libraries as Special Libraries: An Educational Model, 42 Library Trends 319-23 (Fall 1993).

Education for Law Librarians, 48 Bookmark 278-81 (Summer 1990).

Law Librarians and Teaching in Library Schools, 2 Trends in Law Library Management and Technology 46 (Oct. 1988).

Designing and Maintaining Serials Check-in Systems: Even if You Plan to Automate, AALL Occasional Paper No.2 (1986).


Perspectives  Perspectives

A newsletter for legal research and writing instructors and law librarians, published by West.

Why Don’t We Teach Secondary Materials First?, 8 Perspectives 8-10 (No. 1, Fall 1999).

Our Question—Your Answers, 6 Perspectives 29-31 (No.1, Fall 1997).

Develop the Habit: Note-Taking in Legal Research, 4 Perspectives 48-50 (No. 2, Winter 1996).

Top Ten Tips for Better Note-Taking in Legal Research, 51-52 (No. 2, Winter 1996).

Book Review, Using Computers in Legal Research: A Guide to Lexis and Westlaw, 3 Perspectives 44-45 (No. 2, Winter 1995).

Advanced Legal Research Courses: An Update, 1 Perspectives 52-53 (No. 2, January 1993). 

Surveys on How Attorneys Do Legal Research, 1 Perspectives 53 (No. 2, January 1993).



"Configuration of the Law Library of the Future," Future of Law Libraries Conference, Amelia Island, Florida (March 11, 2005). (PPT)

"Academic Libraries and Computing Services," AIA Seattle Continuing Education: Future Trends in Higher Education Projects (Dec. 9, 2004) (PPT)

"Separate But Unequal No More: Integrating Federal Documents Collections," AALL Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota (July 18, 2001).

"David In, Goliath Out? Do We Need Larger Libraries to Accommodate More Books? Planning Law Libraries in a Digital World," AALL Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota (July 15, 2001) © Penny Hazelton.

"People: Leading the Way Up the Mountain," Canadian Association of Law Libraries Annual Conference (May 31, 1999) © Penny Hazelton.

Through the Maze of Federal Research (November 1986). 


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