Relations Between the Law Library & the UW Libraries

Updated Feb. 7, 2008.
Prepared by Mary Whisner.

The Gallagher Law Library is part of the University of Washington School of Law. It is administratively separate from the University of Washington Libraries.

Students and faculty from the rest of the University are welcome to use the Law Library, just as Law School students and faculty may use other UW Libraries. This separate status has several implications for users.

The Law Library's holdings are not included in the UW Libraries catalog (and vice versa). To find books in the Law Library, search the Law Library's online catalog. To find books in any other library on campus, use the UW Libraries Catalog.

University of Washington faculty, students, and staff may check out books from the Law Library by presenting their Husky cards. Faculty, students, and staff associated with other colleges and universities that participate in the Summit shared catalog may also check out Law Library materials by presenting their university identification cards.

To check out books from the Law Library, members of the public must register at the Law Library, even if they have borrowing privileges at other campus libraries. The Law Library and the UW Libraries do not share one borrower database.

Law students and law faculty who need interlibrary loan services must use the Law Library's service; other UW students and faculty must use the Interlibrary Borrowing Service at Suzzallo or the Health Sciences Document Services. Users not associated with the University of Washington should consult their local public library or institutional library for interlibrary loan assistance.

Libraries may have different loan periods. When you check out a book from any library, note when it is due and how you can renew it. The borrower is responsible for keeping track of due dates.

Access to some computer-assisted legal research varies depending on whether the user is affiliated with the Law School, another unit on campus, or not affiliated at all with the University of Washington.


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