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Updated February 21, 2018
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  • Rob Britt
    Coordinator of East Asian Library Services (Adobe Acrobat file CV).
    Primary contact for requests relating to China, Japan and Korea

    William H. Gates Hall Room L137
    Email: rrbritt@uw.edu
    Phone: (206) 543-7447
    Fax: (206) 685-2165


The East Asian Law Department has as its primary purpose the support of the curricular and research needs of the faculty and students of the University of Washington School of Law in general, and of the Asian Law Center in particular. In addition, the department provides reference services to the larger university community, the practicing bar, the general public, and scholars and lawyers of other institutions.


The library has an extensive East Asian law collection. According to a recent count (April 2013), our Library holds approximately 21,640 titles (47,716 volumes) in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, comprising about 10% of the Gallagher Law Library's total collection. Of those, there are 12,894 titles (31,242  volumes) in Japanese, 6,693 titles (12,503 volumes) in Chinese, and 2,053 titles (3,971 volumes) in Korean. In addition, there are 5,180 English language titles (8,115 volumes) on East Asian law subjects.

Gallagher Law Library holds a total of 25,155 titles (62,724 volumes) on the subject of East Asian law in various languages (about 13% of the library's collection).
The breakdown by subject for works on East Asian law is:

China: 7,330 titles | 12,782 volumes
Taiwan: 1,692 titles | 4,333 volumes
Japan: 13,535 titles |  32,595 volumes 
Korea: 2,598 titles | 4,899 volumes
English materials on East Asia-related topics: 5180 titles | 8115 volumes

In addition, the library has subscriptions to many online resource for East Asian legal research (click to view a summary of our East Asian online resources).

Collection Development Policy

Decisions on the acquisition of print and online materials on East Asian Law are based on the Gallagher Law Library's Collection Development Policy. Though primary funding is from the State of Washington, development of the collections has benefited greatly by exchanges for serial publications, and by generous gifts of books from alumni in Asia as well as by occasional grants from the Japan-United States Friendship Commission, the Japan Foundation, and the Korea Foundation.



The Library's Asian law collections had their beginnings in the 1930's with gifts of Chinese and Japanese legal materials, including a substantial donation of books by the Japanese Ministry of Justice. Though the focus for many years was on Japanese law, the Library now actively collects legal publications of China, South Korea, and Taiwan, as well as Japan.

For more on the history of Asian Law Studies at the University of Washington School of Law, see:


University of Washington East Asia Library

Another important on-campus resource for information on East Asia is the East Asia Library, where you will find books, periodicals, directories, indexes and other useful resources for many aspects of East Asian law-related research.



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