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How to Use the Yomiuri
Shinbun Newspaper Archives

Public computer terminals at the University of Washington Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library now provide access to the Yomiuri Shinbun (Newspaper) CD ROM Archives.  These archives currently cover the years 1874-1960, and include the complete full text of the major Japanese daily newspaper, Yomiuri Shinbun.  The pages are image files that display the complete contents of the newspaper, including photographs and other graphics. 

Keyword searches of the archives display related pages from the newspaper, allowing the user to print the results.  It is also possible to save pages or parts of pages (one page at a time) to a floppy disk or USB memory key by using the screen capture utility available on the library's public workstations (see instructions).

Graphic Interface/Text Interface
Currently available in the library are the following five separate sections of the Yomiuri archives.  Two of the sections (Meiji and Taishō)  use a graphic user interface, while the other three (Shōwa senzen I and II, plus Shōwa sengō I) use a text interface:

  • Graphic Interface
    • 明治 (明治7年-45)
      Meiji (1874-1912)
    • 大正 (大正元年~昭和元年)
      Taishō (1912-1926)

  • Text Interface
    • 昭和戦前 I (大正11年~昭和11年)
      Shōwa senzen I (1926-1936)
    • 昭和戦前 II (昭和12年~昭和20年)
      Shōwa senzen II (1937-1945)
    • 昭和戦後 I (昭和21年~昭和35)
      (Shōwa sengo I) (1946-1960)

Access Restricted
These CD ROM network databases are available only from workstations in the UW Libraries and the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library.

Go Directly to Start
If you already know how to use the archives, and you are currently at one of the public terminals at the University of Washington Law Library, go directly to the "Enter Yomiuri Archives" page.

Inputting Japanese Text

Help Screens

Starting the Software
First, click one of the four links on the Enter Yomiuri Archives page to start the software.  Expect a delay of from one to two minutes while the connection is made and the software starts.

When you are connected successfully, you will see the screen below.  This confirms the connection, and  indicates that while connected you can print pages of the Yomiuri newspaper to the networked Pharos printers in the library.

Click "OK"

Next, you get the copyright disclaimer.  If you agree, click "了解?

Inputting Japanese Text
(Using the Japanese IME)
To input Japanese text within the Yomiuri session:
1) Pres ALT + Shift
To bring up the Japanese "language bar"
.  This is a "toggle." Pres ALT + Shift again to remove the language bar.
Pres ALT + ~ [the tilde key, located in the upper left hand corner of the keyboard]
To switch between Japanese and Roman Alphabet input modes.

Help Screens
There is quite a lot of useful information in the Yomiuri help screens.  Numbers in red refer to text explanations in the frame to the right.


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