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How to Use the Yomiuri Shinbun Newspaper Archives

Searching Showa Senzen I and II and Using the Japanese IME
[Text Interface])
Keyword "ハワイ". 
As with the graphic interface, to Search, you first need to start the Japanese IME (Input Method Editor).  To do that, press the ALT+Shift keys.  Notice the IME appears in the bottom of the search screen (see circled in red, below)Select hiragana input either by pointing at the IME toolbar or by pressing the ALT+Tilda keys.
Example search
Showa senzen II for the text "ハワイ," in the date range 12/1/1945-12/31/1945 (note that western dates (西暦) are selected.
(Also note the Japanese IME (Input Method Editor) for Japanese text input.)

Search results
467 results.  System asks if you would like to display them.  Select "タイトル表示"

Finding Your Search Text
"タイトル" box displays the headline that contains the text.  "2段目" indicates that the text is in the 2nd column on the page, and "7件目/467件" indicates that this is the 7th of 467 instances of the keyword on this page.

Logging Off
In Showa senzen I and II (text-based), you must select "ファイル", "終了" from the menu to log off.

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