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How to Use the Yomiuri Shinbun Newspaper Archives

Printing and Saving

Yomiuri Screens From the Public Terminals at the Gallagher Law Library
First, select the print command from the Yomiuri menu. The "Pharos" print screen will appear.  Enter your Username or Logon ID.

Then, enter a name for the print job that you will recognize later.  Using your UW Copy Services Quick Card. 

(Screen Capture) Part 1

  1. While displaying a page from Yomiuri that you would like to save to disk, start the ScreenPrint Program by pressing the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard.
  2. Insert either a floppy disk or a memory key into the public terminal.  Select the "Capture Active Window" radio button in ScreenPrint32
  3. Check the "Save Captured Area to Disk" box.  Click "OK"
(Screen Capture) Part 2
  1. Next, the "Save to File" dialog appears.
  2. Select a file type (gif or jpg are good)
  3. Save to the floppy or memory key.
  4. Note that the file you save may be viewed or printed using a image viewing software.

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