Japanese Legal Research at the University of Washington
ワシントン大学の法律学校アジア法学部門での 日本の法律研究

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UW Resources

Gallagher Law Library

  • Departments
    • East Asian Law Department
      William H. Gates Hall, Rooms L138
      Phone: 206-543-7447
      The East Asian Law Department handles the law of East Asian countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
    • Reference
      William H. Gates Hall, L110
      Phone: 206-543-6794
      The Reference Department handles reference for United States law and the law of foreign jurisdictions except China, Japan, and Korea. The reference staff also handles international law questions, and many indexes to treaty materials are kept in the Reference Office.
    • Circulation
      William H. Gates Hall (Main Entrance, L1)
      Phone: 206-543-4086
      The Circulation Department provides a variety of services with respect to access to materials. If a book you need is checked out, you can put a hold on it.
    • Interlibrary Loan
      William H. Gates Hall, Room L177
      Phone: 206-543-4262
  • Call Numbers
    Materials are mostly shelved by subject, not language.Books on the legal system of Japan are mostly shelved in KNX. KNX begins on L1 and continues on L2.
    Foreign Law Call Number and Shelving Information
  • Online Catalog Advanced Search
  • Japanese Newspapers: See Web Resources
  • Periodical Articles
    Print periodicals on Japanese law in general are shelved at CLAS KNX6. Specific topics are shelved near the topic. For example, Commercial law print periodicals are shelved at KNX911.3, near Commercial law monographs at KNX920.
    See also Online publications
  • University of Washington Student Papers
    LLM papers and papers for other UW Law Courses. Available in microfiche. Many are also available in print.
    Search for student papers in the online catalog with this phrase:
    Student papers University of Washington. School of Law.
    Narrow the search using additional keywords. For example: Student papers University of Washington. School of Law commercial law

Japan Studies at UW East Asia Library

    Azusa Tanaka, Japan Studies Librarian
    East Asia Library
    3rd floor, Gowen Hall
    Phone: 206-543-4490
    The Japanese reference librarian at East Asia Library is available to help formulate search strategies and locate materials regarding the non-legal aspects of your research projects on Japan. Many law-related topics are included in the EAL collection. UW Libraries databases are also very relevant and useful.

Other Campus Libraries With Japan-related materials

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