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Finding Other Types of Material

Archival Materials

See also)

  • In English
    • Martindale-Hubbell international law directory. KF190 .M32 at Reference Area
    • The World of learning.  AS2 .W6 Current ed. at Reference Office
    • Guide to foreign law firms 3rd ed. 1998.  K68 .G85 1999 at Reference Office
    • Directory of National, Regional and International Bar Associations.  K68.D557 1995 at Reference Office
    • Global Directory of Schools of Law Outside of the United States of America.  K100.A4G66 1992 at Reference Office
    • The Asian Investment Law Directory.  KNC747.A85 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • In Japanese
    • 日本弁護士連合会会員名簿 [Nihon Bengoshi Rengōkai. Kaiin meibo].  KNX33 .N53 at CLAS (Classified Stacks).
      Directory of the Japan Bar Association (Nichibenren)
    • 大阪弁護士会会員名簿 [Ōsaka Bengoshikai. Kaiin meibo : Heisei 5-nen 7-gatsu 1-nichi genzai].  KNX35.K56 O84 1993 at REF (Reference).
      (Directory of the Osaka Bar Association)
    • 日本学会事務センター法律関係8学会共通会員名簿 [Nihon Gakkai Jimu Sentā. Hōritsu kankei 8-gakkai kyōtsū kaiin meibo]. KNX33 .N54 at REF (Reference).
      (Directory of legal scholars)
    • 日本紳士錄 [Nihon shinshiroku]
      (Comprehensive biennial directory of prominent individuals in Japan.  Available at the University of Washington East Asia Library)
      East Asia Library EAsia Reference CT1836 .N54

Legal History
(See also Legal History under Web Resources)

  • Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan (Print).  DS805 .K633 1983 at REF (Reference).
    (see also the more up-to-date online version)
    An overview of Japanese legal history, and definitions of many terms is available in this resource.
  • 公事方御定書 [Kujikata Osadamegaki]
    • Brief English Outline and Explanation (PDF file; requires Adobe Acrobat to view)
      This is handout distributed at a presentation given by Prof. Dan Henderson on July 12, 1994 at the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Librarians, held in Seattle.
    • Related Books in the Gallagher Law Library
      • Japanese feudal law.  KNX134.A3 E5 1979
      • 江戶の刑法 : 御定書百箇条 [Edo no keihō : osadamegaki hyakkajō].  KNX136 .O475 1978
      • 定本御定書の硏究 [Teihon Osadamegaki no kenkyū].  KNX136 .O48 1968
      • Japanese feudal laws, III. The Tokugawa legislation. Part IV, The edict in 100 sections. [J.C. Hall, Trans].  KNX136.A3 E5 1913

Regulatory Agency Decisions

  • Fair Trade
    • 公正取引委員会審決集 | Kōsei Torihiki Iinkai Shinketsushū. KNX3242.A6 J37 at CLAS (Classified Stacks).
      Decisions of the Japan Fair Trade Commission | See also
  • Intellectual Property
    • 審決公報 [Shinketsu kōhō] (CD ROM and Internet). KNX1194.A57 S59 at CLAS (Classified Stacks).
      Decisions of the Japan Patent Office | See also


(See also)
  • 司法統計年報 = Annual report of judicial statistics | Shihō tōkei nenpō.  [Part 1]. 民事編(民事行政編<1978> --  [Part2].刑事編 -- [Part 3]. 家事編 -- [Part 4]. 少年編.  KNX30 .S47 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  • 日本統計年鑑 = Japan statistical yearbook [Nihon tōkei nenkan].  KNX32.J37 N55
    (Annual with general statistics on Japan; Online Version also available.)

Treatises and Other Books

Treatises, edited volumes, festschriften, ronbunshū | 論文集, and annotated laws.
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