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Basic Materials for Japanese Legal Research

(Updated February 19, 2016)

Citation and Romanization

  • Legal Citation
    See also
    • Japanese
        法律文献等の出典の表示方法 [Hōritsu bunken no shutten no hyōji hōhō]. 2000年版
        IN 法律関係8学会共通会員名簿 / 日本学会事務センタ―, 日本公法学会 ... [et al.]会員 名簿,  p. 1-16 (2nd group).
        KNX33.N54 at  (REF (Reference))
        This very detailed annual publication lists proper citation forms as prescribed by a well know group of Japanese law academics. It includes examples of proper citation format for different types of publications, and an extensive list of legal publications, giving the prescribed abbreviated form for each title.
    • English
      • The Bluebook : a uniform system of citation. 20th ed. (2015).
        KF245 .U5 2015 Current ed. at Reference Area
        T2.24, Foreign Jurisdictions: Japan
        Proper citation forms for citing to Japanese legal publications in U.S. legal publications
      • Form of citation of Japanese legal materials. Rev. version / prepared by Dan Fenno Henderson ... [et al.].
        KNX48 .F67 1967at REF, CLAS (Reference, Classified Stacks)
  • Romanization, etc.
    See also
    • Bluebook: see "Romanization," in the first paragraph of section T2: Foreign jurisdictions: Japan
    • Library of Congress ALA-LC Romanization Tables: Japanese (PDF)
      Rules for romanization used in the creation of catalog records for Japanese materials
    • Guide to processing Chinese, Japanese and Korean serials / by Scott Edward Harrison. Rev., enl. ed.
      Z692.S5 H37 1991 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
    • Japan style sheet : the SWET guide for writers, editors, and translators. Rev. ed., 1998. 

      PL635 .J36 1998 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
      (Discusses romanization and other issues relating to editing translations from Japanese into English. Includes table of Japanese era names.)
    • Japan style sheet update
      SWET, the Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators of Japanese, provides this online update to their 1998 print guide (see above)
  • Japanese Era Names


See also
  • Legal Dictionaries
    • Hōrei yōgo Nichi-Ei hyōjun taiyaku jisho / [Hōrei Gaikokugo Yaku, Jisshi Suishin Kentō Kaigi]
      法令用語日英標準対訳辞書 / [法令外国語訳・実施推進検討会議] (Standard Bilingual Dictionary), 2006.
      K52.J3 .H678 2006 at REF (Reference)
      This dictionary created by a committee of the Japanese government is the new official government standard for translation of Japanese laws into English. 
      Also available in PDF on the Internet
    • Japanese-English legal glossary for Asian Law Program = 和英法律学辞典.
      K52.J3H45 1995 AT CLAS REF, CLAS (Reference, Classified Stacks)
      See also on-line version
    • 新法律学辞典 [Shin hōritsugaku jiten]  Dai 3-han. 
      KNX26 .S55 1989 at REF (Reference)
    • 英和和英新ビジネス英語大辞典 [Ei-Wa, Wa-Ei shin bijinesu Eigo daijiten] = English-Japanese, Japanese-English advanced business English dictionary / Dan Foote ed.
      KNX917 .E39 1987 at REF (Reference)
      Although this dictionary focuses on business, it contains many law-related entries.
  • Other Dictionaries
    • Kenkyusha's new Japanese-English dictionary. 5th ed., 2003. 
      PL679.K4 2003 at REF (Reference)
    • Kenkyusha's new Japanese-English dictionary. 4th ed.,1974.
      PL679 .K4 1974 at REF (Reference)
      Terms listed in romanization.  Standard for the Japanese romanization used in U.S. Library catalogs.
    • Kenkyusha's new English-Japanese dictionary on bilingual principles. 6th ed., 2002. 
      PL679 .K39 2003 at REF (Reference)
    • 日本姓名読み不利辞典 名の部, 姓の部 [Nihon seimei yomifuri jiten. Sei no bu. Na no bu].
      CS3000 .N53 1990 at REF (Reference)
      Very useful dictionary for finding pronunciations for Japanese personal names.

Guides to Research

See also
  • In English
    • Modern legal systems cyclopedia (Section on Japan).
      K530 .M63 1984 at Reference Area.
  • In Japanese
    • 法律情報検索教育と法科大学院. in 法律時報75巻3号(March 2003) [Hōritsu jōhō kensaku kyōiku to hōka daigakuin (tokushu)]. in Hōritsu jihō. vol. 75, no. 3 (March 2003)
      KNX6.H673, vol. 75 no.3.
      This issue of Hōritsu jihō includes several articles on legal research in Japan.
    • リーガル・リサーチ = Legal research [Rīgaru risāchi]. 
      KNX47.I855 2003 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
    • 法律文献学入門:法令・判例・文献の調べ方 [Hōritsu bunkengaku nyūmon.]
      KNX47.N57 2002 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
      Very useful current overview of Japanese legal bibliography and how to use it.

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