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University of Washington Resources

Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library Resources

Online Catalog

These two versions of the library catalog provide alternative ways to search the holdings of the Law Libray and other UW libraries:

Departments in the Law Library

    East Asian Law Department

  • Mission: The East Asian Law Department has as its primary purpose the support of the curricular and research needs of the faculty and students of the Asian Law Program of the University of Washington School of Law. In addition, the department provides reference services on a limited basis to the larger university community, the practicing bar, the general public, and scholars and lawyers of other institutions.
  • Staff
    • Rob Britt
      William H. Gates Hall, Room L137
      Phone: 206-543-7447
      Email: rrbritt at u.washington.edu
  • Reference Department, Room L110

  • The Reference Department provides assistance in researching United States law and the law of foreign jurisdictions. For questions dealing with East Asian law, they can provide basic assistance with English language sources. The reference staff also handles international law questions, and many indexes to treaty materials are kept in the Reference Area.
  • Phone: 206-543-6794
  • Circulation Department, Library entrance

  • The Circulation Department provides a variety of services with respect to access to materials. If a book you need is checked out, you can put a hold on it either online or at the Circulation Desk.
  • Phone: 206-543-4086
  • Inter-Library Loan (ILL), Room L177
    • Email: lawlibil@u.washington.edu
    • If a book or a journal you need is not available in the law library or on main campus, the Inter-Library Loan Department may be able to borrow it from another library. Inquire at the Circulation Desk or use the handy online form found on their web page.
    • Phone: 206-543-4262

Finding Materials in the Law Library

    Call Numbers
  • General information on Law Library call numbers
  • Details on call numbers:
    • Classification (and shelving) is by subject, not language. Note that due to differences in subject emphasis, materials relevant to your research topic may be shelved in different areas of the library. Exceptions to the rule of shelving by subject include the Reference Area (REF) on L1, in which special reference materials or highly used materials on various topics are placed together for convenience.
    • KPA is the classification for Korean Law.  Materials primarily on Korean law are all in this classification, located on L2 in the Classified Stacks ("CLAS"), and in Reference ("REF").
    • Materials in Korean or dealing with Korea may be classed in numbers other than KPA and are shelved on L1 or L2 according to their call number.  For example, DS (Asian Studies), HD (Business), JS (Local Government), JQ (Political institutions and public administration in Asia, etc.), JZ (International Relations), K (Comparative Law), and KZ (Law of Nations - which includes materials on Korean Reunification, etc.).
  • Each catalog record includes a hyperlink or links under the heading "Location." Clicking that will tell you where in the library the title is located.
  • Locations for certain specific collections are noted below.
    • Periodicals (Korean legal periodicals, including reporters, are located in the CLAS (Classified Stacks) on L2.
    • Periodicals on non-legal topics are located in the CLAS (Classified Stacks) according to their topic. Most English language law reviews (which sometimes contain articles on Korean law) are shelved by the name of the journal (but see Marian online catalog for specific location).
    • Microfilm/Microfiche materials (Mostly located in the Reference Area, north of the Circulation Desk).
      • Various Korean-language microfilm.
      • Student papers on microfiche.
    University of Washington Student Papers   
  • These Include Ph.D and LLM papers and papers for other UW Law Courses.
  • Available in Print and Microfiche.
  • To locate in library online catalog:
    1. Do a Primo Browse Search
    2. Select "by title" from the drop-down menu
    3. Search for title: student papers university of Washington school of law
    4. Result: 1,267 (or more) hits

University of Washington East Asia Library (EAL)

Korean Studies Resources

  • East Asia Library
  • Korean Studies Guide
  • The East Asia Library handles a wide range of topics relating to Korea.
  • Gowen Hall, 3d floor
    Phone: 206-543-4490
  • Staff: Hyokyoung Yi, Korean Studies Librarian
    336 Gowen Hall
    Phone: 206-543-6603
    Email: hkyi at u.washington.edu
    • The Korean Studies Librarian at the East Asia Library is available to help formulate search strategies and locate materials regarding the non-legal aspects of your research projects on Korea.
  • Subject areas covered
    • For current Korean legal materials, it is best to first check the Law Library's collections. However, the East Asia Library also collects in several very specific law-related areas:
      • Constitutional history
      • Legal history
      • Classical texts which may be related to the study of law
    • Areas that overlap the Law Library collections:
      • Civil rights/human rights
      • Censorship
      • Legislative history
      • Press control
      • Indexes to periodical literature
      • Statistical sources
      • General and specialized dictionaries
  • Resources available
    • University of Washington Libraries Catalog
      • Includes the holdings of the University of Washington Libraries (does not include the Law Library). Has bibliographic records (author, title, subject, publication information, etc.) for books and serials.
      • The on-line catalog contains approximately 80% of the materials held in the East Asia Library.
    • Korean newspapers in English and Korean

Other Campus Libraries with Korea-Related Materials


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