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Finding Other Types of Materials

Directories of Lawyers, Judges, and Legal Scholars (Asia and International)

  • In English
    • Martindale-Hubbell international law directory. Summit, N.J.: Martindale-Hubbell.
      KF190 .M32 at Reference Area, Reference Office
  • In Korean
    • 法務便欖 Pŏmmu p'yŏllam / [Pŏmmu P'yŏllam Yŏn'guhoe]. -- Sŏul-si: Pŏpsa Yŏn'guwŏn. Library has 2003- .
      KPA1629 .P65 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
    • 韓國法曹人大觀 Han'guk pŏpchoin taegwan [p'yŏnjibin Pŏmnyul Sinmunsa Saŏpguk]. -- K'alla p'an. -- Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi: Pŏmnyul Sinmunsa, 1987.
      KPA33 .H36 1987 at REF (Reference)
    • 會員名簿 / 大韓辯護士協會 Hoewŏn myŏngbu / Taehan Pyŏnhosa Hyŏphoe. -- Sŏul: Taehan Pyŏnhosa Hyŏphoe. Library has 1987, 1989.
      KPA105 .T34 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
    • 韓國學硏究 人名錄 Han'gukhak yŏn'gu inmyŏngnok = Directory of researchers in Korean studies / [p'yŏnjip Yŏn'gu Chojŏngsil]. -- Chŭngbop'an. -- Kyŏnggi-do Sŏngnam-si: Han'guk Chŏngsin Munhwa Yŏ'guwŏn, 1983.
      DS905.9 .H37 1983 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)



  • Naver News Library (Newspaper Archive)
    • Tonga ilbo 東亞日報 = Dong-A ilbo : 1920-1999
    • Kyŏnghyang sinmun 京鄕新聞 = Kyunghyang Shinmun : 1946-1999
    • Maeil kyŏngje sinmun 每日經濟新聞 = Maeil Business Newspaper : 1966-1999
    • Hangyŏre* 한겨레 = The Hankyoreh : 1988-1999
  • 法律 新聞 Pŏmnyul sinmun. -- Sŏul: Pŏmnyul Sinmunsa,
    KNPA6 .P623. 1982-1989 at Folio; current four months at REF (Reference) (Newspaper Shelf)
  • Note that the UW East Asia Library subscribes to several other general interest newspapers.
  • 종합뉴스 데이터베이스 KINDS (Korean Integrated News Database System)
    (한국언론진흥재단, Korean Press Foundation: broad access to Korean language news sources)   
  • East Asia Library Newspaper Collection: About 10 or so Korean newspapers are displayed on the newspaper table in the Reading Room. For older issues of newspapers, inquire at the circulation desk.

Statistics on Korean Law

  • 司法年鑑 Sabŏp yŏn'gam. -- [Sŏul]: Pŏbwŏn Haengjŏngch'ŏ, 1960- . Law Library has 1977-1990; UW East Asia Library has 1984-1994, 1996-1998, 2000.
    KPA1580.A13 S33 at CLAS (Classified Stacks)
  •  법원통계월보 (Monthly Court Statistics Online)
  • 범죄와 형사법통계정보 (Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics)
    Korean government statistics online
  • East Asia Library Statistical Yearbooks: Many statistical yearbooks by subject are available in the collection.

Translation Services

Please Note: The services listed below are not endorsed or recommended in any way. They are only listed as a starting point for those in need of Korean legal translation services.

Unification (North / South Korean Law)


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