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Prepared for a Presentation in January 1999

Portions of this handout were adapted from materials developed by the Gallagher Law Library Reference Department whose cooperation is gratefully acknowledged.

Bill McCloy

Assistant Librarian for East Asian Law

Gallagher Law Library, East Asian Law Department

email: rrbritt@u.washington.edu




Recently Added Resources (1/23/2008)



1. For Questions on Taiwan Law, Taiwan Legal Research and Taiwan Studies:

The Gallagher Law Library East Asian Law Department


(W.H. Gates Hall, Room L137, 206 543-7447) handles the law of Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Macao. For questions on Taiwan law, email: rrbritt@u.washington.edu).

The East Asia Library


(3rd floor, Gowen Hall; 206 543-4490) handles a wide range of topics relating primarily to China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. In addition to holding a wide variety of non-legal newspapers and journals, periodical indexes, dictionaries, and statistical sources that may be helpful in inter-disciplinary research, the library also has collections in the following areas that complement the law library collections: constitutional history; legal history of traditional China, Japan, and Korea; classical texts which may be related to the study of law; civil rights/human rights; censorship; legislative history; and press control.

Chinese Studies Librarian: Yeen-mei Wu 吳燕美

(email: ymwu@u.washington.edu)

Chinese Studies Webpage:


Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)


2. For Questions on International Law, the Law of Other Countries, and General Legal Research:

The Gallagher Law Library Reference Department


(2nd floor, Condon Hall; 206 543-6794) handles reference for United States law and the law of all foreign jurisdictions with the exception of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. The Reference Department staff also handles international law questions, and many indexes to treaty materials are kept in the Reference Office. Reference librarians can also help with electronic sources.

3. For Interlibrary Loan and Borrowing Services:

The Gallagher Law Library Circulation Department


(2nd floor; Condon Hall; 206 543-4086) provides a variety of services for access to materials. If a book you need is checked out, you can put a hold on it. If a book (or journal) you need is not available in the law library or on main campus, Circulation may be able to borrow it through interlibrary loan. (Note: Please build sufficient time into your research project to allow for the additional time necessary should you need to request materials on interlibrary loan). For more information see the Circulation Department Website (below), ask at the Circulation Desk, telephone (206) 543-4262, or for inter-library loan questions, email: lawlibil@u.washington.edu.

4. For General Information and Inter-Disciplinary Research :

Gallagher Law Library Homepage


University of Washington Libraries Information Gateway


Suzzallo/Allen Reference and Research Services Division http://www.lib.washington.edu/SuzRef

(206 543-0242) serves as the main reference department for the University Libraries. Its reference collections include subject resources for the humanities, social sciences, interdisciplinary studies, and international studies.

Suzzallo/Allen Microform and Newspaper Collection http://www.lib.washington.edu/Mcnews/

(206 543-4164) includes indexes and back runs for major newspapers.

Foster Business Library


(206 543-4360) includes reference sources for business, including international trade and information about business in foreign countries.


1. University of Washington Online Library Catalogs

a. General Information

The University of Washington Online Library Catalogs listed below are available through several interfaces: on dedicated terminals in the library (WILLOW), via UWIN (available through the same account where you use email), and via WinWillow (a Windows-based interface). These catalogs will be replaced in Spring 1999 by new online, web-based catalogs which, hopefully, will include the ability to search by East Asian scripts.

Note: Terminals in the Law Library and the East Asia Library can display Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters now, though you cannot search by them at present. Activate this capability after retrieving a record by choosing the "retrieve foreign language" button (or ask library staff for assistance).

b. Gallagher Law Library Online Catalog http://lib.law.washington.edu/cat/catintro.html

Includes the holdings of the Gallagher Law Library only. Has bibliographic records (author, title, subject, publication information, etc.) for books and serials. Does NOT contain records for periodical articles or cases.

c. University of Washington Libraries Online Catalog http://www.lib.washington.edu/

Includes the holdings of the University of Washington Libraries (including the East Asia Library and other branch libraries but not the Law Library). Has bibliographic records (author, title, subject, publication information, etc.) for books and serials. Does NOT contain records for periodical articles or cases. All items acquired since 1987 plus many earlier titles are represented in the online catalog. Users are advised to search the online catalog first and to consult the East Asia Library card catalog for any pre-1987 titles not found.

d. East Asia Library Catalogs: Eighty percent of the East Asia Library's books and most serials are in the University of Washington Libraries Online Catalog listed above. In addition, a card catalog, located in the East Asia Library Reading Room, contains records for most materials received by the library before 1987 (though many of these titles are now included in the online catalog). Author, title and subject cards are filed in one alphabetical sequence. Cards are arranged in alphabetical order by romanized author, title, series, or by English language subject headings.

e. A Brief Introduction To Using The Online Catalogs

FIRST! Make sure you know which catalog or index you are in. If you are searching the University Libraries catalog, for example, you will not find any of the Law Library's titles included.

1) Searching the online catalogs is possible by author, title, subject, or by a combination of words in any of these fields. You may also restrict your search to books published in a specified year or range of years, in a given language, or by a particular publisher. For help in searching, use the online help screens or ask a librarian.

2) Romanization: Records for Taiwan books and journals may be searched by subject terms in English (e.g. Environmental Law-Taiwan) or by author, title or series information. At present, since searching by characters is not yet available in our catalogs, for Chinese language author, title, or series information it is necessary to search in romanized Chinese, that is with Chinese words transliterated into the English alphabet. As there are many ways to romanize Chinese, it is necessary to understand the particular method used in American library catalogs. The North American standard for library catalogs is the Wade-Giles System, based on the Beijing pronunciation of Mandarin. As this system has become old-fashioned and the Pinyin Romanization System has become more popular, the library community plans to switch to pinyin beginning around the year 2000. If you search the catalog using pinyin romanization now, you may find a small number of titles. By using Wade-Giles, however, will you find everything owned by the library.

A few quick examples will illustrate how different the two systems can be:

Chinese: 最高法院民刑事裁判選輯

Pinyin: Zui gao fa yuan min xing shi cai pan xuan ji

Wade-Giles: Tsui kao fa yüan min hsing shih ts'ai p'an hsüan chi

Chinese: 移轉與智慧財産權

Pinyin: Ji shu yi chuan yu zhi hui cai chan quan

Wade-Giles: Chi shu i ch'uan yü chih hui ts'ai ch'an ch'üan

Note that in Library Wade-Giles each character is romanized as a separate syllable with the exception of place names and personal names, which are hyphenated, e.g.: T'ai-pei (臺北), Ma Han-pao (馬漢寳). Additionally, a few "quirks" of this system include romanizing as ho (pinyin he), as Lo (pinyin Luo), and the possessive particle as ti (pinyin de).

Conversion charts comparing the two romanization systems may be found on the door behind the Willow terminal on the 6th floor as well as in many standard dictionaries. Help is also available in the East Asian Law Department and on web sites such as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library Conversion Chart: http://library.ust.hk/guides/opac/conversion-tables.html#p_to_w

3) Catalog entry headings for the Republic of China are somewhat complex.

"Author Headings" refer to the issuing government and are used in library catalogs, like an author, as the "main entry" for collections of laws, etc.

"Subject Headings" refer to the geographic area a work is about or to describe the area governed by a particular collection of laws.

For works by and about

The pre-1949 Republic of China

Author entry: China

Subject entry: China

The post-1949 Republic of China on Taiwan

Author entry: China (Republic : 1949- )

Subject entry: Taiwan

Note that Taiwan is used as the subject entry even if the book or journal title uses the words 我國, 中國, or China when in fact the jurisdiction governed or topic discussed is limited to Taiwan.

Taiwan Province

Author entry: Taiwan

Subject entry: Taiwan

Taiwan under Japanese occupation

Author entry: Taiwan

Subject entry: Taiwan

4) Topical Subject headings for Taiwan law topics include the general, e.g. Law-Taiwan; Justice, Administration of-Taiwan; and the specific, e.g. Products liability-Taiwan; Criminal procedure-Taiwan-Cases; Women-Legal status, laws, etc.-Taiwan. Note that there are often closely related headings, e.g. Intellectual property, Copyright, Trademarks-Law and legislation, etc. Do not stop with your first search! Searches with and without the subheadings Law and legislation (under topics) or Legal status, laws, etc. (under classes of persons) will yield very different results.

5) Geographic subdivisions of subject headings indicate the jurisdiction or geographic area covered. Examples: China, Taiwan, European Economic Community countries, United States, Washington State. For Taiwan, these correspond to the "subject entry" examples under Catalog entry headings above.

6) Language may be searched in two ways: (1) use the English only box to limit the search to materials in English. (2) use the Language field to search for works in a given language. You must search by language code: Chinese = chi, English = eng, German = ger, Japanese = jpn, Korean = kor. To find other language codes, click on "Browse Language List" button.

7) Call Numbers and Locations: To find a book or other item in the Law Library, you need to know its call number and location.

Call numbers arrange books by jurisdiction and subject area. For example:
KNN: law of China before 1949

KNP: law of Taiwan

Note that the "Republic of China" is split between the two numbers above!

KNQ: law of the People's Republic of China

JX and KZ: international law
K: jurisprudence and comparative law
KF: United States law
KNW: Washington State law

Floor 2: Reserve, Reference Office, Reference Stacks, Reading Room

Floor 6: Quick Reference Floor 6
Floor 7: Periodicals (some periodicals are in Classified collection)
Floors 4-6: Classified.

Floor 4: call numbers A-KE5299

Floor 5: call numbers KE5300-KFW

Floor 6: call numbers KFX-Z.

Dates in Call Numbers: Please note that while a date at the end of a call number usually represents the year of publication or coverage, for many looseleaf publications it represents the date the set began publication. Thus, the fact that Commercial Laws of the World has the call number K1004.15 1976 should not deter you from looking there for laws issued after 1976. It contains many, very current laws.

For more on call numbers and the layout of the Law Library, see http://lib.law.washington.edu/collect/libhold.html#arrange


A growing number of online databases are available to University of Washington students, faculty, and staff through UWIN/Willow and over the World Wide Web. A complete list, descriptions, and direct connections to many of them are available at the following web site: http://www.lib.washington.edu/types/databases/

A few of the available databases you will likely use most often are listed below. They are further described under the appropriate topic in the bibliography section of this document.

Legal Resource Index (LRI) , 1980-

Business Index, 1989-

National Newspapers

Expanded Academic Index, 1989-

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP), 1985-

Bibliography of Asian Studies


1. Searching the Internet

The development of Chinese language-capable World Wide Web browsers opens a whole universe of possibilities for Taiwan legal research. Chinese and Taiwan scholars have been very active on the web, and there is a constantly growing number of extremely useful sites available.

The entire Internet can be searched for practically any combination of key words in either English or Chinese. This means that if you are looking for materials on Taiwan law, for example, you can use an "online search engine" to find out quickly and easily how many sites on the Internet use the word "Taiwan" and "law". Unfortunately, this method doesn't always work well when seeking the text of laws or when trying to access information in Chinese. Getting the full benefit out of search engines takes some practice. (For links to several of these handy tools, see the section on Search Engines below.) A generally more fruitful method is to begin with one of the major websites for Taiwan law (or for foreign law) and follow the links provided. Try it both ways!

2. Sample Search Engines

Metacrawler: http://www.metacrawler.com/

Lawcrawler: http://www.lawcrawler.com/

Hotbot: http://www.hotbot.com/

Altavista (Chinese, Japanese, Korean): http://www.altavista.com/ 

Yahoo (Chinese Big-5): http://chinese.yahoo.com/

Yahoo (Chinese GB): http://cn.yahoo.com/

Annotated Guide to WWW Search Engines: http://www.ciolek.com/SearchEngines.html

3. Viewing Chinese Online

To view and input Chinese text on the internet and in email, it is necessary to have an internet browser and email program that are configured properly to allow display and input as well as front end software (sometimes knows as IMEs or Input Method Editors) that supply the fonts and input methods. It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the meaning of GB, Big-5, HZ, ASCII, Unicode, etc., character sets used to encode simplified and traditional Chinese and other languages. It may also be necessary to expressly choose a specific Chinese font in order to display or print text properly. If you have no experience in this, the procedure can get rather complex, though programs have been getting increasingly simpler, and the Microsoft programs noted below are free! If you have questions after checking out some of the websites below, please stop by the East Asian Law Office.

There are a number of programs that allow input and display of Chinese in web applications. The websites below include information on these applications as well as a number of other interesting links. The first website below includes an article that discusses using Chinese in a wide variety of platforms.

Chinese-Language-Related Information Page


Notes on CJK Character Codes and Encoding


Marjorie Chan's Chinalinks


Free Programs for Chinese Email and Web Browsing:

A suite of programs available for free downloading that are particularly easy to configure for Chinese are:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (a web browser) http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ie/getitnow.mspx  

Microsoft Global IME (for viewing and inputting Chinese text on the Web and in email) may be downloaded from the Internet Explorer Add On page: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ie40/download/rtw/x86/en/download/addon95.htm or separately from:


Microsoft Outlook Express (an email program) is available as an add-on to Internet Explorer from the following page:


To Configure Outlook Express to Work with the University of Washington Email System, see:

Using Microsoft Outlook Express with Dante and Homer: http://www.washington.edu/computing/email/oe-win.html

Other Internet Programs for Chinese Input and Display:

Other Chinese IMEs commonly used with U.S. Windows 95 include:

Twinbridge (http://www.twinbridge.com/)

Union Way (http://www.unionway.com/)



How you organize your research strategy depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for information in English or in Chinese? Are you looking for general information on the Taiwan legal system or for information about a particular topic? For a specific law, case, or regulation?

General to Specific

If you know very little about Taiwan law and the legal system, you may want to begin with a very general source such as a research guide or an overview to the legal system. From there you could move to a somewhat more specific source. For example, you might want to investigate what kind of environmental legislation exists in Taiwan. In the end, you might look at various laws on very specific topics, for example, laws dealing with water pollution.

Specific to General

On the other hand, you may have a very specific research topic in mind from the very beginning (for example, something about laws and regulations in Taiwan dealing with copyright of computer software). Generally, if you have a very specific question such as this one, it is best to begin with a narrow, focused search. Then, if you don't find what you are looking for in specialized books, journals, or databases, sometimes a search under a more generalized subject heading may still yield valuable information. For example, if combining "computer software" and "Taiwan" did not yield the information you were looking for, combining "intellectual property" and "Taiwan" (or "intellectual property" and "East Asia" or just "Asia") might bear fruit. Similarly, if you cannot locate an English translation of a particular Taiwan statute in a set containing only the laws of Taiwan, sometimes a broader, topical set of foreign laws may contain what you are looking for. Examples of such multi-jurisdictional sources include Commercial Laws of the World, Tax Laws of the World, or the International Constitutional Lawwebsite located at the University of Würtzburg in Germany.

See Also Taiwan-Related online databases

A. Overviews of the Legal System and Research Guides (Taiwan)

A research guide to Taiwan (ROC) law / Liane Newton and Wang Jong.

KNP4.2 .N48 1989 at QUICK REF. FL. 6, CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))))

Reprint from: Journal of Chinese law (ISBN 1041‑7567) ; v. 3, no. 2 (Fall 1989), p. [257]‑315.

Taiwan, in 3-A Foreign Law : Current Sources of Codes and Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World (Thomas H. Reynolds & Arturo A. Flores, eds., 1991- ).


Modern legal systems cyclopedia / general editor, Kenneth Robert Redden ; contributors, William Brock ... [et al.]. Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A. : W.S. Hein, 1984-

K530 .M63 1984 at REFERENCE STACKS

Note: Includes the following articles on Taiwan, etc.: v. 2A.40. The Legal System of The Republic of China in Taiwan / by Hungdah Chiu and Jyh-Pin Fa. -- v. 2A.50. The Chinese Conceptions of Law : Confucian, Legalist, and Buddhist / by Luke T. Lee and Whalen W. Lai. -- v. 2A.60. A Guide to International Trade and Investment Law in the Republic of China / by Charles P. Mullen. -- v. 2A.65. Intellectual Property Protection in the Republic of China / by Carolyn E. Hansen. -- v. 2A.70. Choice-of-Law Rules in the Republic of China / by Chin Kim.

Taiwan's legal system and legal profession / Hungdah Chiu and Jyh‑Pin Fa. -- Baltimore, Md. : School of Law, University of Maryland, 1994.

KNP12 .C58 1994 at QUICK REF. FL. 6.

Legal guide to doing business in Taiwan / by Lee and Li. -- 1st ed. -- Taipei, Taiwan : Lee and Li, 1996.

KNP321.3.L44 1996 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))))

Business operations in the Republic of China (Taiwan) / by Paul S.P. Hsu and M.L. Yeh. -- Washington, D.C. : Tax Management, Inc., c1997-

KF6289.A1 T35 v. 958 at REFERENCE STACKS

Note: "Tax Management portfolios. pt. III. Foreign income ; no. 958-2nd." Revises and supersedes 958 T.M., Business operations in the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Chung-hua min kuo tsui kao fa yüan

中華 民國 最高 法院 = The Supreme Court of the Republic of China (中華 民國 最高 法院 簡介). -- 臺北市 : 最高 法院, 民國86 [1997].

B. Overviews of the Legal System and Research Guides (Asia and General)

Asian legal systems : law, society, and pluralism in East Asia / edited by Poh-Ling Tan.

-- Sydney : Butterworths, 1997.

KNC79 .A847 1997 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))))

Note: Taiwan chapter written by UW Law School Ph.D. Tay-sheng Wang.

Foreign law : current sources of codes and basic legislation in jurisdictions of the world / Thomas H. Reynolds, Arturo A. Flores. -- Littleton, Colo. : F.B. Rothman, 1989-

K38.R49 1989 (Asia volume [v.3A] at QUICK REF. FL. 6; All volumes at


Martindale-Hubbell international law digest. -- New Providence, NJ : Martindale-Hubbell, c1993-


Doing business in Asia / by the Asian Law Centre, University of Melbourne with CCH editors. Singapore : CCH Asia Ltd. ; Chicago, Ill., U.S.A. : Commerce Clearing House, 1991-

KM764 .D65 1991 at QUICK REF. FL. 6.

Intellectual Property Protection in Asia / Arthur Wineburg, Editor. Salem, N.H. :

Butterworth Legal Publishers, c1991-

KNC370.I56 1991 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

Note: Chapter 9 - Intellectual Property Regime of Taiwan.

Commercial laws of East Asia / edited by Alan S. Gutterman and Robert Brown. -- Hong Kong : Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 1997.

KNC747 .C66 1997 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))))

Note: Chapter "I" is an overview and summary of Taiwan's commercial laws.

Introduction to foreign legal systems / sponsored by the American Association of Law Libraries ; edited by Richard A. Danner, Marie-Louise H. Bernal. -- New York, [N.Y.] : Oceana Publications, c1994.


Note: Chapt. 9 - The Republic of China (Taiwan) Legal System / by Wendy I. Zeldin.

Germain's Transnational Law Research : A guide for Attorneys / Claire M. Germain. Ardsley-on-Hudson, NY : Transnational Juris Publications, c1991-


Guide to International Legal Research / the George Washington University journal of international law and economics. -- 3rd ed. -- Charlottesville, VA : LEXIS Law Publishing, c1998.


Civil law systems and legal research [sound recording] / Thomas S.

Reynolds. (Tapes on international law / Legal Resource Communications) Los Angeles, Calif. : Legal Resource Communications, c1993.

KF241.C655R49 1993 at RESERVE

C. Statutes and Regulations (Taiwan)

Major Statutes of the Republic of China = 英譯中華民國主要法規 / 翻譯者 方嘉麟 … 等 ; 編輯者 司法院第一廳. ‑‑ 台北? : Judicial Yuan, 1990‑ .

KNP1.9 1990 at QUICK REF. FL. 6, CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))))

Major laws of the Republic of China on Taiwan = [中英對照六法全書] : with practical legal English and vocabularies / compiled by James C. Liu ... [et al.] ‑‑ Chinese and English bilingual ed. ‑‑ Tainan, Taiwan : Magnificent Pub. Co., 1991.

KNP1.94 .L813 1991 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

Partial contents: An introduction to the Chinese legal system = 中國 法制 介紹

-- Law dictionary : English-Chinese = 法律 用語 辭典 : 英漢 部分.

Pamphlet Laws in English (經濟部投資業務處 Industrial Development and Investment Center).

Various call numbers, at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))))


Copyright law of the Republic of China. -- Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China : Industrial Development and Investment Center, 1995.

KNP115.2.A31992 A7 1995 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

Chinese text and English translation of: 著作權法.

Patent law of the Republic of China. -- Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China : Industrial Development and Investment Center, MOEA, 1995.

KNP119.A31994 A7 1995 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

Chinese text and English translation of: 專利法.

Hsin pien liu fa ts'an chao fa ling p'an chieh ch'üan shu

新編 六法 參照 法令 判解 全書. -- 台北市 : 五南 圖書 出版 公司, 19 - . KNP1.94 .L56 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

Tsui hsin tsung ho liu fa yao chih tseng pien p'an chieh chih yin fa ling yüan yin shih hsiang yin te ch'üan shu

最新綜合 六法 要旨 增編 判解 指引 法令 援引 事項 引得 全書. ‑‑ 臺北市 : 三民書局, 19 - .

KNP1.94 .L6 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

Tsui hsin liu fa ch'üan shu

最新六法全書. -- 臺北市 : 中國 圖書 有限 公司,

KNP1.94 .L54 1994 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

Chung‑hua min kuo hsien hsing fa kuei hui pien

中華民國現行法規彙編 / [中華民國現行法規重印編纂委員会編輯]. ‑‑ 重印版. ‑‑ [臺北] : 中華民國現行法規重印編纂委員会, 民國 83 [1994]‑ .

KNP1.9 1970 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))) (6 v.)

KNP1.9 1981 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))) ( 35 v.)

1994 ed. (above) on order.

Note: This is a looseleaf in 41 volumes. It is the most comprehensive compilation of Taiwan laws and regulations, widely accepted as an official published source.

Li fa yüan kung pao

立法院 公報. ‑‑ 臺北 : 立法院秘書處, 19 -

KNP1.5 .L5 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

"...includes minutes of discussions in committee and plenum sessions, records of the "three readings" process required prior to passage of legislation, and publication of finalized statutes. Occasional special editions compile legislative materials on a specific law." (From: A research guide to Taiwan (ROC) law)

Note: Pre-1949 Mainland edition: KNN7.L4 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

Internet Chinese Legal Research Center


Note: Includes China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Washburn University Taiwan Law Page




Li & Partners (Big 5) 博譽國際律師事務所


Note: Covers China, Taiwan IP, Trade & Investment

商業法規 (Ministry of Economic Affairs)


News Sources: For information on News Sources as finding aids for Chinese statutes, see note under News Sources below.

D. Statutes and Regulations (Multi-Jurisdictional)

Commercial laws of the world. -- Ormond Beach, Fla. : Published for members of the Foreign Tax Law Association, 1976-

K1004.15 1976 at REFERENCE STACKS

Note: Book 21 includes Taiwan.

Tax laws of the world. -- Ormond Beach, Fla. : Published for members of the Foreign Tax Law Association, [1964?]-

K4504.15 1974 at REFERENCE STACKS

Note: v. 39 includes Taiwan.

Digest of intellectual property laws of the world / [edited] by Lester Nelson.

Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. : Oceana Publications, [c1975-

K1500 .D54 1975 at REFERENCE STACKS

Note: Taiwan listed under China, Republic of.

International Constitutional Law


E. Case Indexes / Digests / Reporters

There are no comprehensive indexes to or digests of Taiwan caselaw, nor are there any true reporters to speak of, though there are many partial collections as well as collections of the interpretations of the Judicial Yüan and of the Council of Grand Justices. The decisions of the Supreme Court are regularly published in the Gazette of the Judicial Yüan (see Ssu fa yüan kung pao, below).

Tsui kao fa yüan p'an li yao chih (1927-1994)

最高法院判例要旨 : 中華民國16年至83 / [編輯者最高法院判例編輯委員會]. -- 初版. -- [台北] : 最高法院, 民國86 [1997]

KNP2.2 .T78 1927‑1994 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

Covers Supreme Court precedent synopses of the Republic of China from 1927‑1949 in China and from 1949‑1994 in Taiwan. Vol. 1 is civil cases, v. 2, criminal. This appears to be reissued from time to time in updated editions (though titles may vary slightly).

Tsui kao fa yüan min hsing shih t'ing hui i chüeh i chi ch'üan wen hui pien (1928-1988)

最高法院民刑事庭會議決議暨全文匯編 : 中華民國17年至77 / [編輯者最高法院]. -- 再版. -- [台北] : 最高法院書記廳, 民國79 [1990]


Covers symposium opinions of the Supreme Court of the Republic of China from 1928‑1949 in China and from 1949‑1988 in Taiwan. Vol. 1 is civil cases, v. 2, criminal. This appears to be reissued from time to time in updated editions (though titles may vary slightly).

Ssu fa yüan kung pao

司法院公報 = Judicial Yüan gazette. ‑‑ [台北] : 司法院秘書處, 1959‑ .

KNP1.5 .S78 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

Judicial Yüan Website (Chinese)


Judicial Yüan Website (English)


News Sources: For information on news sources as finding aids for Chinese cases, see note under News Sourcesbelow.

F. Periodicals
Taiwan legal periodicals are mostly located on the Sixth floor in the CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))). General periodicals on Taiwan law are assigned the call number KNP1.3; however, periodicals on specialized topics are classified under the number for that topic. For example, the Lee and Li bulletin is classified KNP97.A13 L43 (because it deals primarily with Taiwan commercial law), the Chinese Yearbook of International Law and Affairs is classified JX21 .C35, and periodicals on non-legal topics are located elsewhere in the CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))) according to their topic (many on the 4th floor). Most English language law reviews (which sometimes contain articles on Taiwan law) are shelved by the name of the journal on the seventh floor. (They have the call number "PERIOD"). In addition, current issues of a periodical may be located with the bound volumes or may be kept on RESERVE behind the Circulation desk on the 2nd floor. It is always best to check the catalog for exact locations.

Gateway Service Center of Chinese Academic Journal Publications (University of Pittsburg)


Note: This is a new, free document delivery service for periodical articles from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the People's Republic of China.

G. Periodical Indexes (Taiwan)

Many English or other Western language articles on Taiwan legal topics can be found through the online indexes described elsewhere in this document. Note, however, that English language journals on Taiwan law (for example, the Formosa Law Newsletter) may not be indexed anywhere. It is sometimes necessary simply to identify relevant journals and then peruse the tables of contents.

For Chinese language articles on Taiwan law, the sources listed below are useful. However, compilation and publication of indexes is very slow. For more current articles, a strategy similar to that described in the paragraph above is often the best course of action.

Chung wen fa lü lun wen so yin

中文法律論文索引 = Index to Chinese legal periodicals / 盛子良編. -- 臺北 : 東吳 大學. 民國61- [1972-

K33 .C5 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

Chung‑hua min kuo cheng fu kung pao so yin

中華民國政府公報索引 = Index to Chinese official gazettes. -- 1卷第1 (民國734 [Apr. 1984])- . ‑‑ 臺北市 : 國立中央圖書館, 民國73- [1984-

KNP1.6 .C82 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

World News Connection. See under News Sources section below.

H. Periodical Indexes (Other)

Index to foreign legal periodicals. -- Berkeley, CA [etc.]: University of California Press for the American Association of Law Libraries, [etc.].

K33 .I46 at READING ROOM. Also available online.

Indexes articles as well as book reviews from more than 450 legal periodicals, including journals, essay collections, festschrifts, and congress reports from 1985 to the present.

Primary coverage is for law journals published outside the United States but also covers U.S. law journals dedicated to foreign law.

Legal Resource Index (LRI), 1980-

Covers over 800 major English language legal journals and seven legal newspapers from 1980 forward. Updated monthly.

Business Index, 1989-

Provides coverage of approximately 850 business, management and trade journals, plus indexing to the Wall Street Journal and much more. Updated monthly.

Bibliography of Asian Studies


Indexes western-language monographs, articles and book chapters on all parts of Asia. 1971 to present.

Expanded Academic Index.

Indexing and abstracting for approximately 1,500 scholarly and general interest periodicals, covering major fields of study in the humanities, social sciences, and technology.

I. News Sources

News sources are useful not only when looking for a specific article or articles about a specific topic, they may also be helpful in pinning down a date or other critical information needed to find a law or a case in another source. A few news sources, such as World News Connection and the BBC Summary of World Broadcasts (under LEXIS/NEXIS below) may even include the full text of translated statutes, regulations, or international agreements.

World News Connection.

This is a full-text database of translations of newspaper articles and radio and television broadcasts from foreign countries with an emphasis on political, economic and social news. It was formerly known, in its print and CD-ROM forms, as Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, China (etc.). Sometimes this is the first source for an English translation of a Chinese statute. Coverage for Taiwan seems to be limited primarily to news stories regarding cross strait (Taiwan-China) relations. The Law Library subscribes to the database. Apply at the East Asian Law Department or Law Library Reference for the logon and password information. When last checked, WNC included articles since about August 1994. For earlier news stories, use the FBIS microfiche located at the Suzzallo/Allen Microform and Newspaper collection.


Include many useful resources for legal research, most in English. Allow full text searching of U.S. law review articles, newspapers, magazines, and wire services such as the China News, Central News Agency, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Korea Economic Daily, Kyodo Newswire, Xinhua (New China) News Agency, and the Nikkei Weekly. Of particular note on NEXIS is the BBC Summary of World Broadcasts (ASIAPC library, BBCSWB file). The BBCSWB is similar in content to the World News Connection mentioned above but has the advantage of being searchable using the more-sophisticated Lexis search software.

LEXIS/NEXIS Academic Universe


China Times 國時報


Taiwan Today News Network 華訊新聞網


Ming Pao Electronic News


National Newspaper Index, 1989-

The National Newspaper Index provides indexing of articles from 5 major newspapers: the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post.

National Newspapers (9)


Indexing and full text from 9 U.S. Newspapers, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Various Chinese Newspapers


See also section on online indexes above.

J. Bibliographies

The Republic of China on Taiwan : a selectively annotated bibliography of English‑language legal materials / Constance Axinn Johnson. -- Washington, D.C. : Law Library, Library of Congress, 1988.

KNP1 .J66 1965‑1986a at QUICK REF. FL. 6.

Chung-kuo fa lü t'u shu tsung mu

中国法律图书总目 = Comprehensive table of contents of Chinese law books / 中国政法大学图书馆编 / 中国政法大学图书馆编. -- 1. -- 北京 : 中国政法大学出版社, 1991.

KNN3 .C84 1991 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

Note: Includes publications from the P.R.C., from the Mainland period of the Republic of China, and an appendix of Taiwan and Hong Kong law books.

Chung wai she hui k'o hsüeh ming chu ch'ien chung p'ing yao. Fa hsüeh

中外社会科学名着千种评要。法学 / 本社 社科编辑室组编 ; 本冊頋问 曾宪义 ; 本冊 主编 刘志. -- 北京第1. -- 北京 : 华夏出版社, 1992.

K38 .C48 1992 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

Note: Includes some publications from the Mainland period of the Republic of China as well as earlier, historical materials.

Min kuo shih ch'i tsung shu mu, 1911-1949. Fa lü

民国时期总书目, 1911-1949. 法律 / 北京图书馆编 ; [本冊主编赵威]. --北京第1. --北京 : 书目文献出版社,1990.

KNN3.4.M56 1990 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

Chung-kuo fa hsüeh chu tso ta tz'u tien

中国 法学 著作 大词典 / 兴良 主编 ; 华生 副主编. -- 1. -- 北京 : 中国 政法 大学 出版社, 1992.

KNN3.C8 1992 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

Chung-kuo fa hsüeh t'u shu mu lu

中国法学图书目录 / 中国法学会编. -- 1. -- 北京 : 群众出版社, 1986.

KNN3.C845 1986 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

Chung-kuo fa chih shih shu mu

中國法制史書目 / 主編張偉仁 ; 編輯王玉葉 ... [et al.]. -- 臺北 : 中央硏究院歷史語言硏究所 : 經銷處臺灣商務印書館, 民國65 [1976]. -- (中央硏究院歷史語言硏究所專刋 ; 67)

KNN4.3.C5 1976 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

K. Directories (Taiwan)

Chung‑hua min kuo lü shih ming lu

中華民國 律師 名錄 : 臺北 律師 公會, 外縣市 公會 會員 / 臺北 律師 公會 . --

[Taipei] : 臺北 律師 公會, 19 -

KNP3.3 .C86 at QUICK REF. FL. 6.

Tai‑pei lü shih kung hui hui yüan ming lu

臺北律師 公會會員名錄 / 臺北 律師 公會 (Taipei Bar Association) . -- [臺北] : 臺北 律師 公會, 19 -

KNP3.32.T35 T35 1995 at QUICK REF. FL. 6

L. Directories (Asia and International)

Martindale-Hubbell international law directory. Summit, N.J. : Martindale-Hubbell.

KF190 .M32 at RESERVE, REFERENCE OFFICE, QUICK REF. FL. 6 (Asia vol. only)

Guide to foreign law firms / prepared by the American Bar Association, Section of International Law and Practice ; edited by James R. Silkenat and Howard B. Hill. -- Washington, D.C. : The Section, c1993.


Membership directory / Inter-Pacific Bar Association. -- Tokyo : The Association,

KNC35.I58 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks)))

Directory of the National, Regional and International Bar Associations, January 1995. -- London, Eng. : International Bar Association, c1995.


AsiaLaw Profiles. Hong Kong : Asia Law & Practice, 1996-

KM35.A74 at CLAS (CLAS (CLAS (Classified Stacks))), current vol. at QUICK REF. FL. 6

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