Marian Gould Gallagher Society

In honor of Marian Gould Gallagher, the Society recognizes alumni, friends, and organizations who have contributed a lifetime giving total of $15,000 or more to the Law Library.

Members of the Society recognize the critical role of the Law Library in supporting research, scholarship, education, and law practice.

Inaugural members of the Marian Gallagher Society at the unveiling of the Donor Wall, Oct. 27, 2009.

Pictured are (from the left) Dean Kellye Testy, Edward Corker (son of late Professor Charles E. Corker), Penny Hazelton (Associate Dean for Library & Computing Services), Betty Corker (wife of late Professor Charles E. Corker), Lucille and Jerry Curtis (class of 1953), Judith Bendich (class of 1975), Guy Towle (class of 1977), Joanne Roddis (wife of late Professor and Dean Emeritus Richard S.L. Roddis), Mary Whisner (Reference Librarian), Mary Hotchkiss (Associate Dean for Students and Academic Life), David and Polly McNeill (class of 1987).

During the 37 years Marian Gould Gallagher served as head librarian, the Law Library tripled in size and mg3.jpg (10776 bytes) became one of the most respected in the nation. Mrs. Gallagher was the first and only woman on the School of Law faculty for nearly 20 years and was admired for her achievement in what was then "a man's world." One of her colleagues remarked in the early days of her career, "The efforts of her staff to be helpful and their loyalty to her are almost legendary, a favorable reflection on the wonderful kind of person she is." And the legend lives on in the Marian Gould Gallagher Society and the law library named in her honor in 1981 upon her retirement.

Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library

The University of Washington School of Law, founded in 1899, first built its library by collecting books from local attorneys, including the personal collection of Dean John 1. Condon.

Today the Gallagher Law Library epitomizes the ABA Standard that "the law library shall be an active and responsive force within the life of the law school." Cooperative agreements give faculty and students access to vast collections that supplement its own 650,000 volume collection.

Creative, well-trained, and highly educated professional librarians and library staff use technology to help and inform faculty, students, and staff as well as to provide service to the legal community. The presence of a strong public academic law library promotes public access to justice for those who might otherwise go unheard, accelerates the scholarship of our expert faculty, and contributes to high quality education of our students.

Funding Priorities

The Gallagher Law Library relies heavily on private support. During the past twenty years costs have dramatically increased as digital information requires libraries to purchase content in multiple formats. The Law Library is currently seeking private support to assist with the following priorities:

  • Acquisitions for new print and electronic library materials
  • Technology Innovation Fund to enhance access to the Law Library's vast collections and electronic resources
  • Endowed Chair for the Law Library Director's faculty position
  • Reference Librarian Endowment Fund to help advance the legal community by providing research support to faculty, students and the public

For more information see Library Facts and Funding Priorities.


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