U.S. Admiralty & Maritime Law: Secondary Sources

Updated March 13, 2015.
Prepared by Ann Hemmens for Admiralty & Maritime Law A585, Professor Nancy Harriss; updated by Lori Fossum for Admiralty & Maritime Law A585, Winter 2010, Professor Craig Allen; updated by Paul Riermaier, law librarianship intern (2015).

This guide to secondary sources of U.S. admiralty and maritime law identifies periodical indexes which may be used to find articles addressing admiralty or maritime law, periodicals that are specifically focused on admiralty and maritime law, and relevant books.

See the U.S. Admiralty & Maritime Law: Research Basics guide for introductory resources. See these companion guides for more in-depth information on researching U.S. admiralty and maritime law:

See also the Gallagher guides on Law of the Sea and Research Guide for U.S. Ocean & Coastal Law.

Lexis and Westlaw are available to users with individual passwords. HeinOnline and LegalTrac are UW Restricted sources

Periodical Indexes

The resources below index legal publications and can be used to identify admiralty or maritime law articles.

LegalTrac [UW Restricted]
A searchable index for all major law reviews, law journals, specialty law and bar association journals, and legal newspapers dating back to 1980.
Available on Westlaw: Legal Resource Index.

Current Index to Legal Periodicals
K33.C87 at Reference Area & Westlaw: CILP, last 8 weeks & HeinOnline: Current Index to Legal Periodicals (1936-date)


Select Specialized Periodicals & Articles

See also the specialized international journals.

Title Print HeinOnline Lexis Westlaw Other
Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce Compact Stacks shelved by title HeinOnline 1995- JMARLC, 1996-
Loyola Maritime Law Journal Compact Stacks shelved by title HeinOnline 2002- LYMLJ, 2002-
Maritime Policy and Management Compact Stacks shelved by title Online via UW Libraries catalog
Ocean and Coastal Law Journal Compact Stacks shelved by title HeinOnline 2000- OCCOLJ, 1990-
Tulane Maritime Law Journal Compact Stacks shelved by title HeinOnline 1980- TLNMLJ, 1981-
University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal Compact Stacks shelved by title HeinOnline 2011-12 USFMLJ, 1989-

Note: The Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce published annual bibliographies of Admiralty and Maritime Law Articles Published in Non-Maritime Law Journals during the years 2003-10, which are identified below [Westlaw]:



The following selected books focus on national or federal admiralty and maritime law issues.

All items listed in this section are located in the Reference Area, unless another location is given.

General Overviews

Frank L. Maraist et al., Admiralty in a Nutshell (6th ed. 2010).
KF1105.M34 2010

Thomas J. Schoenbaum & Jessica L. McClellan, Admiralty and Maritime Law (5th ed. 2012).
KF1104 .S36 2012b

Detailed Treatments

Erastus Cornelius Benedict, Benedict on Admiralty (7th ed.).
KF1104.B4 1958
“The authoritative American multivolume loose-leaf treatise covering all aspects of maritime law except marine insurance.” Updated regularly.

Henry G. Fischer & John W. Willis, Pike & Fischer Shipping Regulation (updated 2013). Three-volume loose-leaf set.
KF2606.A6 P53

Grant Gilmore & Charles L. Black Jr., The Law of Admiralty (2d ed. 1975).
KF1104.G5 1975

Practitioner Materials

Charles M. Davis, Maritime Law Deskbook (2010 ed.).
KF1101.5.D38 2010

Thomas J. Schoenbaum & Jessica L. McClellan, Admiralty and Maritime Law (5th ed. 2012). Three-volume “practitioner treatise."
KF1104 .S36 2012b & Westlaw: ADMMARL

West’s Federal Forms (Volume 7 contains Admiralty Forms).
KF8836.W3 at Classified Stacks & Westlaw: FEDFORMS-MRT

Moore’s Federal Practice (3d ed. 2006, updated regularly).
KF8820.A313 M63 1997
Volume 29 of this multi-volume loose-leaf set, which is updated quarterly, is dedicated to Admiralty Practice.

Charles Alan Wright & Arthur R. Miller, Federal Practice and Procedure.
KF8840 .W68 1998 & Westlaw: FPP
This treatise, which is kept up-to-date through regular pocket supplements, annotates the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, including the rules related to admiralty and maritime practice.

Specialized Materials

Craig Allen, Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road (8th ed. 2005).
K4184 .F37 2005 at Classified Stacks

Robert Force & Martin J. Norris, The Law of Maritime Personal Injuries (5th ed. 2004). Two-volume loose-leaf set, updated regularly.
KF1107.N67 2004 & Westlaw: MARITIME

William Tetley et al., International Conflict of Laws: Common, Civil, and Maritime (1994).
K7449.T47 1994

James J. Buckley, The Business of Shipping (8th ed. 2008).
HE571.K4 2008

Paul S. Edelman & Warren Freedman, Marine Laws: Navigation and Safety (4th ed. 1994).
KF2531.A3 1994 at Classified Stacks

William Tetley, Marine Cargo Claims (4th ed. 2008).
K1176 .T47 2008

Williiam Tetley et al., Maritime Liens and Claims (2d ed. 1998).
K1188.B6T34 1998 at Classified Stacks

International Maritime Organization, International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (1994).
K4178.D A34 1994 at Classified Stacks

Hans-Christian Albrecht & Robert Heward, Maritime Law Handbook. Three-volume loose-leaf set, updated regularly.
K1155.4.I5 1987 at Classified Stacks


To find other books, search the library catalog by one or more of the following subject headings:

  • Admiralty
  • Admiralty – United States
  • Bills of Lading
  • Contracts, Maritime
  • Harbors – Law and Legislation
  • Jurisdiction over Ships at Sea
  • Law of the Sea
  • Liability for Oil Pollution Damage
  • Maritime Law
  • Maritime Law – United States
  • Stevedores -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- United States
  • Tankers – Law and Legislation


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