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UW School of Law students, other UW faculty and students, and members of the public are invited to use this form to submit questions to the Gallagher Law Library reference librarians. We read and reply to questions submitted via this form when the Reference Office is open.

We will suggest sources that you will find useful for conducting your research. For instance, if you say you want to locate articles on a certain topic, we will suggest an appropriate index and perhaps some search terms, but we will not prepare a bibliography for you.

We cannot provide legal advice. We cannot tell you what "the law" is or how courts have interpreted the law.

Some questions are too complex to answer via email. We will let you know if your question requires a visit to the Law Library. You may review our reference service policies for more information.

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When submitting your question, please include information about the jurisdiction(s) you are interested in, any sources you have already consulted, and any case or statute citations of which you are aware.



While awaiting an answer, you may wish to consult some additional resources:

  1. Review one of our legal research guides or our list of Sources of Free Legal Information on Washington State Law.
  2. Visit WashingtonLawHelp or LawforWA to review some self-help information or to find a legal service provider.
  3. Use the email or live chat reference services offered one of the following libraries:
    1. the King County Law Library
    2. the King County Library System
    3. the Seattle Public Library
    4. the UW Libraries
    5. the Washington State Law Library

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