Basic Legal Skills

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Review a legal research guide or a PowerPoint slideshow prepared by the librarians at the Gallagher Law Library or a guide or tutorial from another source to learn about specific legal sources and how to conduct research.

Gallagher guides highlight print and online materials available at the Gallagher Law Library. Guides from other sources may include resources not available to Gallagher Law Library users.

Gallagher Legal Research Guides

Acronyms & Abbreviations

Bluebook 101

Court Reporters

Going Beyond Casebooks

Introduction to Computer-Assisted Legal Research

Low-Cost Legal Research Services on the Web

Online Citators: KeyCite & Shepard's

Secondary Sources

Statutory Research Checklist

Study Aids for Law Students

Surviving Summer Research Assignments

US Administrative Law

Washington Administrative Law Research

Washington Practice Materials

Washington State Constitution

What You Always Wanted to Know About Legal Research But Were Afraid to Ask

Gallagher Legal Research Guides on Writing

Cite Checking & Library Research

Legal & General Writing Resources

Legal Dictionaries

Gallagher PowerPoint Slideshows

Bluebook 101: Cases

Bluebook 101: Statutes

Finding Cases

Online Citators

Secondary Sources


Other Legal Research Guides & Tutorials

Georgetown Law Library, Legal Research Tutorials cover statutory research, cases and digests, secondary sources, and administrative law.



  • Area of Law Outlines cover traditional 1L courses and criminal procedure, evidence, and trusts and estates.
  • Reference Literature includes "at-a-glance" and quick reference guides on using LexisNexis and Shepard's, researching in law reviews, and other topics.
  • Teaching LexisNexis includes guides on researching cases, statutes, and secondary sources.


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