Civil Procedure Research Resources:
Washington State Materials

Updated June 11, 2009.
Prepared by Cheryl Nyberg.

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Note: The volumes from Washington Practice can be searched as a group in WAPRAC.

Civil Procedure Forms and Commentary, 3d. ed. 2000-date. 4 vols. (Washington Practice vols. 9, 9A, 10 & 10A)
KFW80.W3 v.9-10A 2000 at Reference Area & Westlaw: WAPRAC-CPF
Covers procedures followed in the Superior Courts. Includes rules, commentary, forms, and citations to cases.

Methods of Practice, 4th ed. 1997-date. 4 vols. (Washington Practice vols. 1, 1A, 1B & 1C).
KFW80 .W3 v.1-1C 1997 at Reference Area & Westlaw: WAPRAC-MP
Vol. 1, chapters 1-14 cover civil practice and chapter 15 covers appellate practice.

Rules Practice, 4th & 5th eds. 1992-date. 6 vols. (Washington Practice vols. 2-4B)
KFW80.W3 v. 2-4B 1996 at Reference Area & Westlaw: WAPRAC-RP
Includes commentary and citations to cases.

Civil Procedure, 2003-date. 3 vols. (Washington Practice vols. 14, 14A & 15)
KFW80.W3 v.14-15 2003 at Reference Area Westlaw: WAPRAC-TPC
Replaces Trial Practice: Civil.

Washington Civil Practice Deskbook, 1993.
KFW530.W34 1993 at Reference Area
Covers basic substantive law with an emphasis on procedure.

Washington Civil Procedure Deskbook, 2d ed. 2002. 3 looseleaf vols.
KFW535.W37 1992 at Reference Area
Organized by rule number. Includes the rules, history, comparison to the comparable federal rule, analysis, significant cases, forms, and checklists. Available on Loislaw.

Washington Civil Trial and Evidence Manual: Voir Dire to Verdict, 4th ed., 1994.
KFW530.B38 1994 at Reference Area

Washington Handbook on Civil Procedure, annual. (Washington Practice vol. 15A)
KFW80.W3 v.15A at Reference Area & Westlaw: WAPRAC-HCP

Washington Lawyers Practice Manual, 1986-date. 8 looseleaf vols.
KFW80.W27 1986 at Reference Area
Vol. I, chapter 1 covers civil trial practice and chapter 2 covers civil appellate practice.

Washington Pattern Jury Instructions: Civil, (WPI) 4th ed. 2002. 2 vols. (Washington Practice vols. 6 & 6A) KFW80 .W3 v.6-6A 1989 at Reference Area & Westlaw: WA-WPI

Washington Civil Jury Instruction Filings: WA-JIF-CIV. "[C]ontains the text of actual civil jury instructions submitted and filed with the state and federal trial courts in Washington." 2003-date

Washington Superior Court Judges' Civil Procedure Benchbook, 2d ed., 1995.
KFW530.W37 1995 at Reference Area


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