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Updated July 27, 2015.


Access for UW Students, Faculty & Staff

UW students, faculty, and staff have access to a wealth of online resources through the Gallagher Law Library and the UW Libraries. Many commercial sources to which the libraries subscribe are restricted to computers bearing a University of Washington Internet Protocol (IP) address, such as the computers found in the Law Library.

UW students, faculty, and staff may access these commercial sources from home and other off-campus computers by several methods by following prompts to log-in with your UW Net ID.

You do not need to use any of these methods to access:

Access for Members of the Public Visiting the Gallagher Law Library

Members of the public, as well as UW faculty, students, and staff, are welcome to use the computers in the Law Library.

All users are required to logon with their UW Net IDs. If you don't have a UW Net ID yet, please obtain one by visiting the Circulation Desk.

Members of the public have access to some--but not all--commercial legal research tools to which the Library subscribes. See the Gallagher guide on Accessing our Electronic Resouc.

The Public Law Library of King County provides public access to selected databases on LexisNexis and Westlaw. Contact the library for more information: (206) 296-0940.

The public computers are equipped with software that limits each user's time to 1 hour per day (4 hours per day on the legal research-only PCs next to the Reference Office). Users will be notified automatically when their time is about to expire. To end a session and preserve any remaining time for the day, click on the Home icon and then the Stop Session button.

To print material from the Library PCs, see Instructions for Printing & Scanning.

Access for Users with Laptops

All users with laptop computers may access the wireless network. See the UW School of Law's pages on wireless computing.

The wireless network requires users to enter a UW NetID to access websites outside of the UW domain.

Neither the Law Library nor the Law School have staff to help visitors configure or trouble-shoot problems with their computers and the wireless network.

UW students, faculty, and staff should seek assistance at the Odegaard Undergraduate Library Computing Commons or the Mary Gates Hall Computing Resource Center. For more information on computing at the University of Washington, visit the UW's IT Connect.

Access for Members of the Public Using the Law Library Website from Outside the Library (Off-Campus)

Documents and other information created by Law Library staff and found at are freely available to anyone who has Internet access. This information includes our legal research guides and list of Free Law Online.

The Law Library cannot provide remote users who are members of the general public access to commercial subscription databases and indexes. These sources include HeinOnline. The Law Library is open to the public and members of the public are welcome to come to the Library to use these services.

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