Corporations & Business Organizations Legal Research Guide

Updated June 20, 2014.
Prepared by Kelly Aldrich.

This guide covers major print and online sources for corporations and other types of business organizations, including limited liability companies. See also the Gallagher guide on Drafting Contracts: Formbooks & Drafting Resources.


Most of these sources are updated regularly. Current editions are located in the Reference Area, unless otherwise noted.


Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corporations, perm. ed. 20 vols. KF1384.F55

Cox & Hazen on Corporations: Including Unincorporated Forms of Doing Business, 2d ed. 3 vols. KF1414.C693 2002 

Blumberg on Corporate Groups, 2d ed. 5 vols. KF1465.B592 2005

Limited Liability Companies

O'Neal and Thompson's Oppression of Minority Shareholders and LLC Members: Protecting Minority Rights in Squeeze-Outs and Other Intracorporate Conflicts, 2d ed. 2 vols.
KF1448.O5 2004 & Westlaw: OPPMINSH

O’Neal and Thompson’s Close Corporations and LLCs: Law and Practice, rev. 3d ed.  2 vols.
KF1466.O52 2004 & Westlaw: CCORPLLC

Ribstein and Keatinge on Limited Liability Companies, 2d ed. 3 vols.
KF1414.R52 2004 & Westlaw: RKLLC

Limited Liability Companies: A Planning and Drafting Guide.
KF1380.A94 2003 at Classified Stacks

For other books, search the Law Library catalog by these subject headings:

  • Close Corporations -- United States
  • Corporation Law -- United States
  • Corporation Law -- Washington (State)
  • Limited Partnership -- United States
  • Private Companies -- United States (used for Limited Liability Companies)


Washington State-Specific Sources

Most of these titles are updated regularly. Current editions are located in the Reference Area.

Washington Practice: Methods of Practice, 4th ed.  Vols. 1-1C. 
KFW80.W3 1997 & Westlaw: WAPRAC-MP

  • For corporations, generally, see § 66.1 et seq.
  • For LLCs, generally, see § 70.1 et seq.
  • For LLPs, generally, see � 69.1 et seq.
  • For LPs, generally, see � 68.1 et seq.

Washington Lawyers’ Practice Manual: Manual and Forms.
KFW80.W27 1986
For business law practice, see Chapter XIII.

Washington Business Entities: Laws and Forms, 2d ed. 3 vols.
KFW213.L36 2005 & LexisNexis: Washington Business Entities: Law and Forms, 2d ed.

Washington Business Corporation Act (RCW 23B) Sourcebook: Original Act, Legislative History, Amendments, CARC Commentary, Significant Washington Decisions.
KF213.A29 W37 2005

Incorporation and Business Guide for Washington: How to Form Your Own Corporation, 7th ed. 
KFW213.Z9C64 1996


Nutshells & Outlines

Current editions are located in the Reference Area. Previous editions are located in the Classified Stacks.

Agency, Partnership, and the LLC in a Nutshell, 3d ed. 
KF1375.Z9H95 2005

Business Associations in a Nutshell, 2d ed. 
KF1384.Z9S52 2006

Corporations (Emanuel Law Outline) 5th ed.
KF1384.Z9E42 2005

The Law of Corporations in a Nutshell, 5th ed. 
KF1414.3.H35 2000

Mergers & Acquisitions in a Nutshell, 2d ed. 
KF1477.Z9O37 2006

Understanding Corporate Law, 2d ed. 
KF1414.P56 2004


Popular Works

The latest editions of these titles are located in the Reference Area. Previous editions are located in the Classified Stacks.

Form a Partnership Book: The Complete Legal Guide, 7th ed.
KF1375.Z9C55 2006

Form Your Own Limited Liability Company, 4th ed. 
KF1380.Z9M36 2005

How to Form a Corporation, LLC or Partnership in Washington.
KFW213.5.Z9 B76 2000

The Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business, 9th ed.
 KF1659.Z9S76 2006

To find similar titles, search the Law Library catalog by subject "and popular works".


Articles & Law Reviews

Unless otherwise noted, these law reviews are shelved by title in the Compact Stacks.

Annual Review of Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation, 2001-date.
KF1397.A56 at Classified Stacks

Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law, 2006-date.

Columbia Business Law Review, 1986-date.

Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, 1976-date.

DePaul Business and Commercial Law Journal, 2002-date.

Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law, 2001-date.

Journal of Corporation Law, 1975-date

Journal of Law and Commerce, 1981-date.

Stanford Journal of Law, Business, and Finance, 1994-date.

Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law, 1999-date.


Commercial Online Services

Forms, newsletters, and treatises are found on several commercial services to which the Law Library subscribers. LexisNexis and Westlaw sources are available only to users with individual IDs and passwords.

Bureau of National Affairs
Access to these databases and newsletters is restricted to University of Washington faculty, students, and staff and to visitors of the Gallagher Law Library. These same sources are also available on Bloomberg Law.

  • Corporate Accountability & Fraud Daily, 2002-date
  • Corporate Accountability Report, 2003-date
  • Corporate Compliance Library
  • Corporate Counsel Weekly, 1996-date
  • Corporate Governance Library
  • Corporate Governance Report
  • Corporate Law Daily, 2000-date
  • Corporate Practice Library
  • Daily Report for Executives
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Law Report



  • Choice of Business Entity: CHOICEBE
  • Closely Held Corporations: Forms and Checklists: CHCORP
  • Corporate Law & Practice, 2d ed.: PLIREF-CORPL
  • Corporate Records and Business Registrations - organized by state, at CORP.  Or, enter postal code for specific state, i.e., CORP-WA for Washington Corporate Records and Business Registrations database.
  • Limited Liability Companies: A State-by-State Guide to Law and Practice: LLC
  • Limited Liability Companies: Law, Practice and Forms: LLCLPF
  • Limited Liability Companies: Tax & Business Law (Bishop & Kleinberger): WGL-LLC



Washington Secretary of State – Corporations
Provides background information about how to form a Washington state corporation or other entity and allows searches for registered Washington state corporations and other entities.

National Association of Secretaries of State, Corporate Registration
Most Secretaries of State are responsible for corporate registrations. Select a state from the pull-down menu.

Cornell’s Legal Information Institute - Corporations
Provides an overview of the law.


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