Federal Rules of Evidence & Comparable State Evidence Rules

Updated May 18, 2015.
Prepared by Cheryl Nyberg for Prof. Peter Nicolas's Evidence class; updated by law librarianship student Jen Locke (2004).

Note: Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw are available to individual subscribers, such as University of Washington School of Law students, faculty, and staff. HeinOnline is a UW restricted database.

Federal Rules of Evidence: Sources & Commentary

This section identifies print and online sources of the text of the Federal Rules of Evidence and secondary sources that analyze the rules.


Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules
KF8816.A193 at Reference Area | Bloomberg Law | Lexis | Westlaw

Moore's Federal Rules Pamphlets
KF8816.A2M6 at Reference Area

28 U.S. Code appendix
Cornell Legal Information Institute | FDsys | House Judiciary Committee | US Courts (downloadable file)


The two "heavyweights" are:

Moore's Federal Practice, 3d ed. 30+ vols. Table of contents (scroll down to find the Table of contents link)
KF8820.A313 M63 1997 at Reference Area | Lexis

Wright & Miller, Federal Practice and Procedure, 30+ vols. Table of contents
KF8840.W68 1998 at Reference | Westlaw

Other substantial works include:

Weinstein's Federal Evidence, 2d ed. 6 vols.
KF8935.W39 1997 at Reference Area | Lexis

The New Wigmore
The classic treatise Wigmore on Evidence has been replaced by individual titles, such as The New Wigmore: Expert Evidence; The New Wigmore: Impeachment and Rehabilitation, etc.
KF8935.W54 at Reference Area

Find other books in the Law Library by searching the catalog by the subject "Evidence (Law) -- United States."

The "Big Three" commercial online legal research services also offer several one-volume works. The following are just a few of the available titles:

Service Representative Titles
Bloomberg Law

Federal Trial Evidence

Trial Evidence Brought to Life: Illustrations from Famous Trials, Film and Fiction

Lexis Advance

Federal Evidence Courtoom Manual

Federal Evidence Tactics

A Practical Guide to Federal Evidence


Courtroom Handbook on Federal Evidence

Handbook of Federal Evidence

New Wigmore


State Correlations to the Federal Rules of Evidence

Weinstein's Federal Evidence, 2d ed. 6 vols. Looseleaf. 1997-date.
KF8935.W39 1997 at Reference Area

Vol. 6 includes "Table of State and Military Adaptations of Federal Rules of Evidence." Rule-by-rule, identifies state evidence rules identical or similar to the federal rules for the 42 states (including Puerto Rico) that have evidence rules based on the FRE (excluding California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Virginia, and the Virgin Islands).


Sources of State Evidence Rules

Although most states have court rules on evidence, some state evidence rules appear in their statutory codes.

Bloomberg Law Use this map to link to state primary sources, including court rules.
Lexis Advance All state evidence rules are listed on this page.
WestlawNext Access state evidence codes and court rules on this page.


Strategies for Finding History Information on State Evidence Rules

How did a state's evidence rules develop? If the state rules vary from the Federal Rules, why? Secondary sources (law review articles and practice materials) offer information on the history and development of state evidence rules. Try one (or two!) of the following strategies to locate these secondary sources.

Indexes law review articles published since 1980.
Include name of state and keywords associated with the issue.
"missouri and hearsay" or "illinois and physician and privilege".
Provides PDF images of hundreds of law reviews.
Search by phrase or keyword.
Retrieve the evidence rule, then view the citing references to identify law review articles and practice materials that are also available on Westlaw.
Provide references only for evidence provisions that are part of the statutes, not court rules.

State practice materials. Some sources are available on Lexis and Westlaw.

Although the Law Library does not generally collect practice materials from other states, you can search the online catalog to find what we have. A state-by-state bibliography of practice materials and continuing legal education publications is available in the Reference Office: Searching the Law, the States: A Selective Bibliography of State Practice Materials in the 50 States, 4th ed. KF240.D69 2003. Search combined library catalogs like Summit to see if any cooperating libraries have the practice materials you seek.


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