U.S. (Federal) Law

Updated Dec. 8, 2015.

This page links to Gallagher guides on federal law topics and content on various commercial services, most of which are UW Restricted.

Legal Research Guides: Sources of Law

US Administrative Law Research

Constitutional Clauses & Their Nicknames

Court Briefs & Oral Arguments

Court Reporters

Federal Bill-Tracking Guide

Federal Legislative History

Judicial Branch Publications

Presidential Documents

Statutory Research Checklist

Treaties & Other International Agreements


Legal Research Guides: Subjects

Admiralty & Maritime Law Indian Law Research
Congressional Research Service Reports Ocean & Coastal Law
Copyright Law Patent Law Resources
Finding Federal Government Publications on the Internet Supreme Court Nominations
Finding Guide for Federal Tax Materials Trademark Law Resources
Immigration Law Resources Veterans' Benefits


Commercial Databases

HeinOnline and LexisNexis Academic are UW Restricted resources.

Source HeinOnline LexisNexis Academic
Laws U.S. Code (1925-date) and earlier related titles U.S. Code Service
U.S. Statutes at Large (1789-date) Public Laws
Court Opinions & Related Material
U.S. Reports, 1754-date (U.S. Supreme Court)
U.S. Supreme Court, 1790-date
Federal Reporter, 1880-1924 (U.S. Circuit and District courts) U.S. Court of Appeals
Legislative History: Congress & the Courts
History of Supreme Court Nominations, 1916-date
Rules & Regulations
Code of Federal Regulations, 1938-date Code of Federal Regulations, current
Federal Register, 1936-date Federal Register, 1936-date
Presidential Documents Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, 1965-2009 Executive Orders, 1936-date
Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents, 2009-date Public Papers of the President, 1979-date
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 3, 1938-date
Administrative Decisions U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals Federal Agency Decisions
Treaties U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library U.S. Treaties


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