Indian & Tribal Law Research

Updated July 22, 2015

Prepared by Mary Whisner. Contributions by Kelly Aldrich and Carissa Vogel.

This guide lists sources for Indian law research. It is limited to Indian law in the United States. All call numbers are for the Gallagher Law Library unless otherwise noted.

A PowerPoint presentation on Indian law research is here.

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Native American Law Center

Tribal Court Public Defense Clinic

UW American Indian Studies Department

UW Libraries American Indian Studies research guide

UW Libraries Native American History research guide

Finding Aids

Research Guides & Bibliographies

Guides (Good Introductions)

Penny A. Hazelton, Indian Law Research in Washington, in Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook 3d at 211 (2002). KFW75.W37 2002 at Reference Area & Reference Office

  • Includes an overview of federal Indian policy and Indian law terminology (e.g., "Indian Country," "federal trust responsibility").
  • Focuses on Washington State.

Another good introduction to Indian law research is the two-part guide from the National Indian Law Library (updated Sept. 2007).

For tribal law, see 'Whatever Tribal Precedent There May Be': The (Un)Availability of Tribal Law, Law Libr. J. (forthcoming), available at


These titles list sources and generally provide less of an overview of the field than the two guides listed above.

Marilyn K. Nicely, Annotated Bibliography of Federal and Tribal Law: Print and Internet Sources (April 2003).

Nancy Carol Carter, American Indian Law: Research and Sources, Legal Reference Services Q., Winter 1984/85, at 7.

Nancy Carol Carter, American Indian Tribal Governments, Law, and Courts, Legal Reference Services Q., 2000 no. 2, at 7.

Indian Land Titles (last modified March 21, 2006).

Rory SnowArrow Fausett & Judith V. Royster, Courts and Indians: Sixty-Five Years of Legal Analysis: Bibliography of Periodical Articles Relating to Native American Law, 1922-1996, 7 Legal Reference Services Q., Issues 2-4, 1987, at 107.

Delores A. Jorgensen & Barbara B. Heisinger, A Bibliography of Indian Law Periodical Articles Published 1980-1990. KF8201.A1J67 1992 at Reference Office

Brandon Burnette, Annotated Bibliography of Native American History from United States Federal Documents: Print and Online Resources (2012)


Library Catalogs

Gallagher Law Library

  • Law Library only searches just books and other material in the law library.
  • UW Law WorldCat includes material from other libraries and article citations from selected indexes.

UW Libraries catalog. History, anthropology, and other fields can be useful for Indian law researchers. UW WorldCat includes material from libraries and article citations from dozens of indexes. Used Advanced Search to specify certain indexes.

National Indian Law Library / Native American Rights Fund

Catalog: "The collection consists of Native American legal materials ranging from books and journal articles to tribal self-governance documents such as tribal codes and constitutions. Many of the records in the catalog contain abstracts and table of contents that provide detailed information about the document. The NILL catalog is updated on a regular basis."

Tip: This catalog can help you find materials not listed in ordinary library catalogs, such as individual cases and pleadings. Sometimes you will then be able to locate the material here.



General: Native Americans Information Directory. E76.2N37 1998 at Reference Office

Tribes & Reservations

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Tribal Leaders Directory

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Tribal Websites directory

National Congress of American Indians, Tribal Directory. Includes some tribes that have state recognition but lack federal recognition.

University of Oklahoma Law Center, American Indian Tribal/Nation Home Pages

U.S. Dep't of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, American Indian Reservations and Trust Areas. E98.A54 1996 at Reference Office

American Indian, Alaska Native Directory for Western Washington & the Puget Sound. E76.2.W3 A5 1997-98 at Reference Office

Governor's Office of Indian Affairs, Washington State Tribal Directory.

Washington State Yearbook, annual. K9230.W38 at Reference Area & Reference Office
Includes a list of Washington Indian tribes (with a map of reservations).

American Indian Heritage Foundation directory of federally recognized tribes.

Tribal Courts

United States Tribal Courts Directory, 2d ed. KF8224.C6S39 2008 at Reference Office

Washington State Courts, Washington Tribal Courts

Indian Court Judges Directories. KF8224.C6D5 1991 at Reference Office



Aboriginal Connections is a searchable annotated web directory related to indigenous peoples worldwide. Links to sites concerning U.S. Indian Law are here.

Montana Indian Law is a comprehensive portal to the laws of Montana tribes, including treaties, tribal codes, tribal council resolutions, and tribal court decisions.

University of Washington School of Law Native American Law Center; selected links.

Washington Governor's Office of Indian Affairs links to state, tribal, and federal resources.

University of Washington Libraries digital collection, American Indians of the Pacific Northwest. "The digital databases includes over 2,300 original photographs as well as over 1,500 pages from the Annual Reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Secretary of the Interior from 1851 to 1908 and six Indian treaties negotiated in 1855. Secondary sources include 89 articles from the Pacific Northwest Quarterly and 23 University of Washington publications in Anthropology."


HeinOnline Collection


The Law Library subscribes to HeinOnline's American Indian Law Collection (UW Restricted). This collection, released in Oct. 2011, now includes "more than 900 unique titles and more than 900,000 pages dedicated to American Indian Law." This guide lists HeinOnline sources throughout.


Secondary Sources

Basic Information

Washington LawHelp has information for the public under the Native American Law heading. Topics include discrimination and economic development, government benefits,  the Indian Child Welfare Act, treaty rights, tribal acknowledgement, tribal law, and tribal land issues.

Jack Utter, American Indians: Answers to Today's Questions (2d ed. 2001). E93.U88 2001 at Reference Office

Lindsay G. Robertson, Native Americans and the Law: Native Americans Under Current United States Law (2001).


Treatises, Study Aids

Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law (2012 ed.). Reference Area KF8205.C6 2012, available on LexisNexis and LexisNexis Academic (choose Sources > Find Sources, then search for cohen's). Comprehensive treatise prepared by leading scholars. Publisher's page, including detailed tables of contents, is here.

Previous editions

William C. Canby, American Indian Law in a Nutshell (5th ed. 2009). KF8205.Z9C36 2004 at Reference Area

David S. Case & David A. Voluck, Alaska Natives and American Laws (2d ed. 2002). Reference Area E78.A3 C37 2002

Conference of Western Attorneys General, American Indian Law Deskbook (4th ed. 2008 and supps.). Classified Stacks KF8205 .A76 2008

Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law (Paul Finkelman & Tim Alan Garrison eds., 2009). Classified Stacks KF8205 .E525 2009. Includes history, politics, sociology.

Matthew L. M. Fletcher, American Indian Tribal Law. Classified Stacks KF8205 .F54 2011. Publisher's page.American Indian Tribal Law cover

Carrie E. Garrow & Sarah Deer, Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure (2004). Classified Stacks KF8210.C7 G37 2004

Indian Law Stories (Carole Goldberg et al. eds., 2011). Reference Area KF8205.A2 I535 2011. 17 articles by scholars and practitioners discuss notable cases, including context, participants, and subsequent impact. Catalog record includes list of chapters.

Stephen L. Pevar, The Rights of Indians and Tribes (4th ed. 2012). Reference Area, Classified Stacks KF8210.C5 P48 2012

Justin B. Richland & Sarah Deer, Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies (2d ed. 2010). Classified Stacks KF8205 .R53 2010

Kaighn Smith, Jr., Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country (2011). Classified Stacks KF8220 .S65 2011.Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country cover


Law Journal Articles, Historic Books & Reports

HeinOnline's American Indian Law Collection (UW Restricted) includes hundreds of law journal articles. Books and reports include works as diverse as these:

For more law journals articles, search LegalTrac (index with some full-text articles) or full-text databases in LexisNexis, Westlaw, HeinOnline, and Bloomberg Law.


Looseleaf Reporter

Indian Law Reporter. KF8201.A315 at Reference Area (A second set covering 1974-91 is at Classified Stacks.)
Includes cases on Indian law from federal, state, and tribal courts. Covers 1974-date. The National Indian Law Library has prepared a subject index to all of the tribal court cases in the Indian Law Reporter starting with Volume 2 (1974).


Continuing Legal Education Materials

The University of Washington School of Law hosts the annual Western Regional Indian Law Symposium. The printed CLE materials are found at KF8224.C6W47 at Classified Stacks & Reference Area Microfiche. Indexes to the materials cover statutes, cases, tribes, and subjects discussed.

Ralph W. Johnson Bibliography

University of Washington Law School professor Ralph Johnson was a noted Indian law scholar and advocate. He founded the UW's Native American Law Center. A bibliography of his publications is here. A profile by David W. Getches is at 72 Wash. L. Rev. 995 (1997), available on HeinOnline (UW Restricted).


News Sources

American Indian Quarterly (Westlaw AIQ, 3/2000-)

Cherokee Phoenix and Indian Advocate (Westlaw CHERPINDA, 3/2000-)

Indian Country Today (Oneida, NY) (Westlaw INDCTRYTYNY, 12/2001-)

Indian Country Today (Rapid City, SD) (Westlaw INDCTRYTYSD, 5/1997-12/2001)

Indian Country Today Media Network (website)

Native American Times (Tahlequah, OK). Website includes Oklahoma Native Times (monthly magazine).

Navajo Times (Westlaw NAVAJOTMS, 1/2000-),


Primary Sources


Treaties, General

Photo of Indians and white solders in front of tepee

Photograph of a treaty signing by William T. Sherman and the Sioux at
Fort Laramie, Wyoming, photographed by Alexander Gardner, 1868.
From National Archives American Indian Select List number 30.)

Most treaties between the United States and Indian tribes were compiled in volume 7 of United States Statutes at Large; some treaties are in volumes 1-16.

Treaties are compiled in Charles J. Kappler, ed., Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties. This set is commonly referred to as "Kappler." KF8203 1903 at Reference Area

  • 7-vol. set, plus 1975 supplement
  • Volume 2 reprints U.S. Government treaties with Native Americans from 1778 to 1883.
  • Volumes 1 and 3-7 contain U.S. laws and executive orders concerning Native Americans from 1871-1970.

Online editions, which can be searched and browsed, include:

Westlaw's FNAM-EXEC file includes ratified and unratified treaties.

Who was Kappler? See 61 Law Libr. J. 314-316, available on Hein Online (UW Restricted).

See also Statutory Compilation of the Indian Law Survey: A Compendium of Federal Laws and Treaties Relating to Indians (Felix S. Cohen ed., 1940) covers 1776-1938. KF8202 1940 at Compact Stacks. Available on HeinOnline (UW Restricted).

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has digitized a collection of Early Recognized Treaties with American Indian Nations, which supplements the treaties found in Kappler.

Other finding aids include:

  • List of Indian Treaties (Committee print). KF8201.A55I57 1964 at Reference Office. Available on HeinOnline (UW Restricted).
    Treaties are listed by date and in alphabetical listing.
  • A Chronological List of Treaties and Agreements Made by Indian Tribes with the United States. KF8202.A73 I572 at Reference Office
  • Charles D. Bernholz, Kappler Revisited: An Index and Bibliographic Guide to American Indian Treaties. KF8203 2003 at Classified Stacks
  • Governor's Office of Indian Affairs, Treaties
  • Treaties with American Indians: An Encyclopedia of Rights, Conflicts, and Sovereignty. KF8203.6.T74 2008 at Reference Area


Treaties with Indian Tribes in Washington State

Treaty of Point Elliott, 12 Stat. 927 (1855), 2 Kappler 669. Also called "Treaty with the Dwamish &c. Indians" or "Treaty with the Dwamish, Suquamish, etc." It was signed by (or signed with the "mark" of) representatives of fifteen tribes or bands, including the Lummi and the Skagit tribes. image of manuscript treaty

(The first page of the Point Elliott treaty is pictured here. Image from Washington Secretary of State.)

Treaty of Medicine Creek, 10 Stat. 1132 (1854), 2 Kappler 661. Also called "Treaty with the Nisquallys, &c."

Treaty of Point No Point, 12 Stat. 933 (1855), 2 Kappler 674. Also called "Treaty with S'Klallam."

Treaty of Neah Bay, 12 Stat. 939 (1855), 2 Kappler 682. This is the treaty with the Makah Tribe. Sometimes known as the Stevens Treaty, because it was signed by Gov. Isaac Stevens.

Treaty with the Yakama Nation, 12 Stat. 951 (1855), 2 Kappler 698.

Treaty of Olympia, 12 Stat. 971 (1855), 2 Kappler 719. "Treaty between the United States and the Qui-nai-elt and Quil-leh-ute Indians."

Treaty with the Walla Walla, 12 Stat. 945 (1855), 2 Kappler 694.

Treaty Proceedings - Transcripts and Documents

U.S. National Archives, Documents Relating to the Negotiation of Ratified and Unratified Treaties with Various Tribes of Indians 1801-69. Available on HeinOnline (UW Restricted) and at the UW's Suzzallo Library's Microform Collection (Microfilm A8207). Included in this collection are handwritten transcripts of the treaty negotiations/proceedings.

Consists of 10 microfilm reels, containing the following:

  1. Introduction and ratified treaties, 1801-26
  2. Ratified treaties, 1827-32
  3. Ratified treaties, 1833-37
  4. Ratified treaties, 1838-53
  5. Ratified treaties, 1854-55
  6. Ratified treaties, 1856-63
  7. Ratified treaties, 1864-68
  8. Unratified treaties, 1821-65
  9. Unratified treaties, 1866-67
  10. Unratified treaties, 1868-69

Hint: The best way to find the underlying treaty proceeding documents for a particular tribe's treaty is to focus on the date it was signed and whether it was ratified. For instance, Treaty of Neah Bay (the Makah Treaty) was signed on January 31, 1855, and it was ratified, so the underyling treaty proceedings can be found on Reel 5.

Western Washington Treaty Proceedings. KFW505.6.T7L38 1977 at Classified Stacks
Includes a copy (typewritten) of the official transcript - covering the period from December 7, 1854, through January 26, 1855 - of the Stevens Treaty Commission in Western Washington.

The transcript of the proceedings for the Treaty of Point No Point was excerpted in Pacific Northwest Quarterly (Charles M. Gates, ed., The Indian Treaty of Point No Point, Pac. Nw. Q., April 1955, at 54).

Western Washington University's Center for Pacific Northwest Studies includes in its Northwest Ethnohistory Collection a number of materials relating to Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest, treaty papers among them.


Tribal Codes

Separately published codes available at the Gallagher Law Library or on the Internet include:

Tribes in Washington State

  • Colville Tribal Law & Order Code. KF8228.C844A5 2005 at Classified Stacks & Internet
  • Jamestown S'Klallam Tribal Code. Internet
  • Kalispel Tribe Law and Order Code. Internet
  • Lummi Nation Code of Laws. Internet
  • Makah Law and Order Code. Internet
  • Nisqually Tribal Code, 2003. Internet
  • Puyallup Tribe of Indians Laws. Internet
  • Quinault Tribal Code. KF8228.Q6A5 1991 at Classified Stacks
  • Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe ordinances and codes. Internet
  • Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe Law and Order Code. KF8228.S228 A5 at Classified Stacks & Internet
  • Skokomish Tribal Code. KF8228.S64A5 2003 at Classified Stacks & Internet
  • Snoqualmie Tribal Code. Internet
  • Squaxin Island Tribal Code. Internet
  • Suquamish Tribal Code. KF8228.S85A5 1991 at Classified Stacks  (print); KF8228.S85 A5 1991 2003 at Classified Stacks (CD ROM, current through Resolution 2003-107)
  • Swinomish Tribal Code. Internet
  • Tulalip Ordinances & Codes. Internet
  • Yakama Nation Revised Law and Order Codes. KF8228.Y3 A5 2000 at Classified Stacks

Other Tribes

  • Cherokee Nation Code Annotated. KF8228.C5A5 1993 at Classified Stacks
  • Navajo Nation Code Annotated. KF8228.N3 A5 2005  at Classified Stacks

For other tribes, search the Law Library catalog for keywords: trib* and code. Note that some tribal codes do not use the word "tribe" or "tribal" in their titles, so you should also search by the tribe's name, e.g., Cherokee Nation, Mille Lacs Band.

Additional (out-of-date) tribal codes are available in two older microfiche compilations published by the Gallagher Law Library:

  • Ralph W. Johnson, ed., Indian Tribal Codes: A Microfiche Collection of Indian Tribal Law Codes (1988). KF8220.I57J6 1988 at Reference Area. Includes codes from 61 tribes.
  • Ralph W. Johnson, ed., Indian Tribal Codes: A Microfiche Collection of Indian Tribal Law Codes (1981). KF8220.I57J6 at Reference Area. Includes codes from 59 tribes.

The originals of the codes in the microfiche sets are at the National Indian Law Library.

Collections of tribal codes on the Internet are available at the Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project at the University of Oklahoma

Access Through National Indian Law Library

The National Indian Law Library offers different ways to find tribal codes.

1. Search the catalog.

Advanced search lets you select Type = codes

If you don't include anything else, then result is all the codes
in the library's collection (including electronic sources).

screen shot from NILL catalog


2. Use NILL's custom search, covering all electronic codes in NILL's
collection plus the tables of contents of print codes

screen shot from NILL


3. Use NILL's Tribal Law Gateway, listing tribal law materials by tribe.

NILL's list of tribal law by tribe

Montana Tribes

Montana Indian Law is a comprehensive portal to the laws of Montana tribes. Includes Assiniboine & Sioux, Blackfeet, Chippewa Cree, Confederated Salish & Kootenai, Crow, Fort Belknap, Little Shell, and Northern Cheyenne.

LexisNexis also has a collection of Montana tribal code: Blackfeet, Chippewa-Cree, Crow, Ft. Belknap, Ft. Peck, Northern Cheyenne, Salish & Kootenai. Path: Area of Law - By Topic > Native American Law > Find Statutes & Legislative Materials > By State > Montana Tribal Codes, Constitutions and Court Rules.


Tribal Constitutions & Charters

Tribal constitutions are often included in tribal codes. For separately published constitutions, search the Law Library catalog.

For constitutions on the web, see:

The Library of Congress has a digital collection American Indian Constitutions and Legal Materials, grouped by region:

George Emory Fay,Charters, Constitutions and By-Laws of the Indian Tribes of North America (1967-1981), KF8220.A75 C55. Available on HeinOnline

HeinOnline's American Indian Law Collection includes many constitutions and by-laws separately published by the Office of Indian Affairs. Materials from tribes in Washington State include:

HeinOnline and the Library of Congress offer many of the same documents, so why list both sets here? HeinOnline has better searching options, but it is a licensed database and is only available to subscribers (including the UW). Access to the Library of Congress digital collection is free.


Tribal Courts

For information about tribal courts, see:

Selected tribal court cases are reported in:

  • Indian Law Reporter (1974-date), KF8201.A315 at Reference Area (A second set covering 1974-91 is at Classified Stacks.)
    • topical index to tribal court decisions in Indian Law Reporter, from National Indian Law Library. You can browse by topic or search for keywords within the index.
  • West's American Tribal Law Reporter (1997-date), KF8204.5 .W47 at Reference Area
  • Tribal Court Appellate Decisions: Northwest Intertribal Court System (v. 1-5) and Tribal Appellate Court Opinions: Northwest Regional Appellate Courts (v. 6- ), KF8220.A515 at Reference Area (1988-date). The most recent opinions (later than bound volumes) are here.

In addition, some tribal courts' decisions are available on LexisNexis, VersusLaw, or Westlaw. The cases from VersusLaw are also available, free, from the Tribal Court Clearinghouse.


Chart of Tribal Court Coverage

There is no comprehensive source for all tribal court decisions. This chart lists by tribe which sources cover at least some of its cases.


Federal Laws


For session laws, see the collection in Kappler, Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties.

Most laws relating to Indians are codified in Title 25 of the United States Code. Earlier editions of 25 U.S.C. (1925-date) are available on HeinOnline (UW Restricted).

See also Statutory Compilation of the Indian Law Survey: A Compendium of Federal Laws and Treaties Relating to Indians (Felix S. Cohen ed., 1940) covers 1776-1938. KF8202 1940 at Compact Stacks. Available on HeinOnline (UW Restricted).

Selected laws relating to Native Americans are listed by the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness.

Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010: see Indian & Tribal Law: Special Topics.

Legislative History

The National Indian Law Library's links for Federal Legislation and Legislative History are useful. Thomas is especially good for legislation currently under consideration. HeinOnline (UW Restricted). includes 23 legislative histories of federal Indian law statutes.

Executive Orders & Proclamations

  • Executive Orders Relating to Indian Reservations 1855-1902. KF6015.A5F4 at Classified Stacks
  • Available on LexisNexis: Area of Law By Topic > Native American Law > Administrative Materials & Regulations > Executive Order[s] Pertaining to Native American People, from 1854.
  • Available on LexisNexis: Area of Law By Topic > Native American Law > Administrative Materials & Regulations > Presidential Proclamations Pertaining to Native American People, from 1879.
  • Available on Westlaw: FNAM-EXEC. Contains executive orders and proclamations.


Federal Agencies


Most regulations relating to Indians are codified in Title 25 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Earlier editions of 25 C.F.R. (1938-date) available on HeinOnline (UW Restricted).

The National Indian Law Library issues an Indian Law Bulletin - U.S. Regulatory Information, with news about recently issued notices and proposed regulations.

Solicitor General Opinions

Opinions of the Solicitor of the Department of the Interior Relating to Indian Affairs, 1917-1974, KF8204 1979 at Reference Area.

Opinions from 1993 to date are on the Department of Interior's website.

Interior Board of Indian Appeals

Decisions of the United States Department of the Interior. KF5603.3.A2 at Reference Area

  • This set prints decisions from the Interior Board of Land Appeals, Interior Board of Indian Appeals, and Interior Board of Contract Appeals.
  • It also includes selected Solicitor General opinions, some of which concern Indians, e.g., "The Scope of Indian preference Under the Indian Reorganization Act, 6/10/88, 96 I.D. 1.
  • With variations in the title, covers 1909-94 (publication ceased in 1994).
  • Note that there are separate tables for Decisions and Opinions.
  • Available on HeinOnline (UW Restricted).
  • Available on LLMC Digital Retrieve by citation.
  • Available on LexisNexis: Area of Law By Topic > Native American Law > Cases and Court Rules > Department of Interior Board of Indian Appeals Decisions.
  • Available on Westlaw: FNAM-IBIA, from 1970.

Search the LLMC Digital collection of executive department materials, including Interior decisions.


Bureau of Indian Affairs

The BIA website links to a variety of federal agency sites concerning Indian issues.

(The BIA's site was very limited for several years because of a pending lawsuit, Cobell v. Norton, a case challenging BIA's management of Indian trust funds. In May 2008 a court order enabled BIA to restore content to the site.)

U.S. Indian Claims Commission

Decisions (1948-78)

Indexes to Decisions

  • United States Indian Claims Commission Final Report (1979) includes an index to all of the decisions through the Commission's close in 1978. KF8208.A56 1979 at Reference Area
  • Native American Rights Fund, Index to Indian Claims Commission Decisions (covers to 1976). KF8208.A55U52 at Reference Area
  • Norman A. Ross, ed., Index to the Decisions of the Indian Claims Commission (covers to 1973). KF8208.A55U525 at Reference Area

Expert Testimony

  • Norman A. Ross, ed., Index to Expert Testimony Before the Indian Claims Commission: The Written Reports. KF8208.A58R67 1973 at Reference Area
  • Expert Testimony Before the Indian Claims Commission, microfiche set available at Suzzallo Library (Microforms Newspapers, Microfiche M-436).

Legislative History

Robert W. Barker & Alice Ehrenfeld, comps., Legislative History of the Indian Claims Commission Act of 1946. KF8208.A31A162 at Reference Area Microfiche


The Indian Claims Commission's original records are held by the National Archives and Records Administration.


Other Federal Agencies

The BIA website links to a variety of federal agency sites concerning Indian issues.

The Internal Revenue Service has "Tax Information for Indian Tribal Governments."

National Indian Gaming Commission.

FirstGov's For Tribal Governments and Native Americans page links to federal websites for information on education, jobs, and economic development; family and health; housing; land and the environment; legislative and legal resources; and other resources.


Federal & State Cases

Many federal and state cases are published in the Indian Law Reporter, KF8201.A315 at Reference Area (A second set covering 1974-91 is at Classified Stacks.)

Westlaw collects federal Indian law cases into special databases: FNAM-SCT (Supreme Court), FNAM-CTA (Courts of Appeals), FNAM-DCT (district courts), and all of those together (FNAM-CS). For state cases, use state databases (e.g., WA-CS) and the Indians topic (TO(209)).


Special Topics: Criminal Law, Gaming, Tax)

See this page for material on special topics within Indian law, such as criminal law, gaming, and tax.


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