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Updated Nov. 2, 2011.
Prepared by Jonathan Franklin. Updated by Carissa Vogel (2007).

Originally prepared for the April 23, 2003 "Day of Learning."

See also Islamic Law--Using Secondary Sources and Homework Assignment (Trinie Thai-Parker)

Selected Books & Periodicals

These materials are located in the Classified Stacks of the Gallagher Law Library unless another library or location is indicated. For other books in the Law Library, click here. For books in other libraries, search UW Law WorldCat by the phrase "islamic law".

Islamic Law

Crime and Punishment in Islamic law: Theory and Practice from the Sixteenth to the Twenty-First Century. KBP3791.P48 2005

Dispensing Justice in Islam: Qadis and Their Judgements. KBP1610.D57 2006

Islam and Human Rights: Advocacy for Social Change in Local Contexts. KMC572.I84 2006

Islamic Law and Jurisprudence. KBL0.I84H4 1990

Islamic Law and Legal Theory. KBL0.I845 1996

Islamic Law and Society: An Introduction. KBP144.H87 1999

Law and the Sacred. K3280.L395 2007

The Origins and Evolution of Islamic Law. KBP55.H35 2005

Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence. KBP144.K36 2003

The Role of Islam in the Legal System of Pakistan. KPL469.5.L38 2006

The Spirit of Islamic Law. KBL0.W45 1998

State Law as Islamic Law in Modern Egypt: The Incorporation of the Shari'a into Egyptian Constitutional Law, by Clark Benner Lombardi. KBP2102.L65 2006

Studies in Modern Islamic Law and Jurisprudence. KBP144.A73 2001 

Understanding Islamic law (Sharīʻa). KBP144.B52 2011 at Reference Area

Understanding Islamic Law: From Classical to Contemporary. KBP144.U53 2006 at Suzzallo/Allen Stacks



Journal of Islamic Law and Culture. HeinOnline (UW Restricted)

UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law. Current issues at Reference Area; bound volumes at Compact Stacks Table of contents

For articles in law reviews and other legal periodicals, search these legal periodicals indexes:

LegalTrac. "Islamic law" is a useful subject heading.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals. This index also uses "Islamic law" as a subject heading.

Islam Generally

Links are made to the UW Libraries catalog records.

A Companion to the History of the Middle East. DS62.C63 2005 at Suzzallo/Allen Stacks

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World. BP40.E525 2004 at Suzzallo Reference & online

Islam: Its History, Teaching, and Practices. BP161.3.N54 2004 at Suzzallo/Allen Stacks

Islam: The Straight Path. BP161.2.E85 2005 at Suzzallo/Allen Stacks

The Modern Middle East: A History. DS62.4.G37 2005 at Odegaard Stacks

For other books, search Summit or OCLC WorldCat by the subject "islam".



For articles from other disciplines, search one of the following indexes available from the UW Libraries list of Research Databases:

ATLA Religion Database: Indexes articles.

Expanded Academic ASAP: Indexes scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers covering all academic disciplines. Relevant subject headings include Islam and politics; Islamic countries; Arab countries

Index Islamicus: Indexes books and index of articles in periodicals on Islam and the Muslim world.

JSTOR Advanced Search: Select Middle East Studies and/or Religion.

PAIS International: Indexes articles, books, and government documents dealing with social and public policy.


Selected Online Resources

Islamic Law

Association of American Law Schools, Workshop on Islamic Law (2004).
Contains bibliographies, papers, and a glossary of Islamic legal terms.


International Islamic University Malaysia, Islamic Law bibliography (searchable)

Islamic Law in Our Times, a law professor's blog

Lex Mercatoria, Islamic and International Law

LLRX, Finding the Law: Islamic Law (Sharia)

University of London, Islamic and Middle Eastern Law Materials on the Net

Islam Generally

Islam for Today
"For Westerners seeking a knowledge and understanding of Islam. A guide to the religion of Islam, Muslim history and civilizations, the rights of women in Islam, Islam in the West and around the world today plus Muslim schools and family life."

Congressional Research Service

University of Southern California, Muslim Students' Association, Compendium of Muslim Texts and Other Sources of Information on Islam

UW Libraries Reference Tools, Countries and Cities
Lnks to free and licensed sources describing the history, government, economy, and people in countries around the world. Includes the U.S. State Dep't Background Notes, Country Profiles from the BBC News, the Europa World Year Book, and other sources. See also Encyclopedias.

Library of Congress, Federal Research Division, Women in Islamic Societies: A Selected Review of Social Scientific Literature 122-page report with an extensive bibliography. Dated Nov. 2005.


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