Jury Verdicts, Settlements, Judgments & Liens

Updated May 6, 2014.
Prepared by Cheryl Nyberg; updated by Jonathan Germann (2014).

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Online Sources

This category includes commercial services and free sources.


Case Evaluator

Jury Verdicts and Settlements. Select jurisdiction or topic.

Advanced Searching: Allows for multiple search options. For example:

  • Injury field - contains medical information
  • Summary field - age and gender
  • Text field - how the event occurred

Post Search Filtering: Award, date, topic, judge, law firm, and docket number

Lexis Advance

Use "Browse Sources" and then narrow by content type "Jury Verdicts and Settlements." You can limit further by jurisdiction.

Bloomberg BNA

Labor & Employment Law Resource Center > Employment Discrimination Verdicts & Settlements Navigator
Identifies more than 4,500 verdicts and settlements; covers from March 1994 - date. Filter by one or more features:

  • Case name
  • Cause of action
  • Counsel
  • Court
  • Date
  • Party
  • Presiding judge
  • Statute cited
  • Verdict or settlement

Bloomberg Law

BNA Labor Plus Navigator, Settlement Summaries
Contains summaries of more than 24,000 settlements involving unions. Covers from 1988. Sort by date or jurisdiction or filter by:

  • Date
  • Employer
  • Industry
  • Keyword
  • Number of workers
  • State and city
  • Union

Internet Resources

Jury Verdicts Northwest
Offers selected highlights and a fee-based customized search service.

King County Recorder's Office, Records Search
A searchable database of public records filed with the County, including liens. Covers from 1991.

National Association of State Jury Verdict Publishers
Contains summaries of recent cases and an online directory of expert witnesses.

MoreLaw.com, Civil Litigation Digest
Provides summaries of recent verdicts.


Print Resources

Damages in Tort Actions, 1982-date. [Table of contents]
KF1250.D35 1982 at Classified Stacks & Lexis Advance

What's It Worth, 1985-date. Annual. [Table of contents]
KF1257.H3 at Reference Area (current edition; older editions at Classified Stacks) & Lexis Advance

Northwest Personal Injury Litigation Reports, 1993-date. Monthly.
Provides "detailed case reports, featuring factual summaries and injury descriptions, expert witnesses, attorneys, judges, verdict, judgment and settlement information."
KFW51.J8 at Reference Area (last 6 years)

Washington Damages Awards: Personal Injury & Intentional Torts: Analysis of Specific Dollar Awards by Type of Injury or Action.
Covers 1967 - 1993.
KFW197.P3 W37 at Reference Area


Other Research Guides

Cleveland-Marshall Law Library
Jury Verdict & Damages Research

Georgetown Law Library
Jury Verdicts & Jury Instructions Research Guide

Hennepin County Law Library, Bibliography
Verdicts and Settlement Awards

Appendix to Blanca Fromm's "Bringing Settlement Out of the Shadows: Information about Settlement in an Age of Confidentiality," 48 UCLA Law Review 663, 708 (2001). HeinOnline [UW Restricted]

University of Minnesota Law Library
Researching Jury Verdicts and Awards


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