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Prepared by Ann Hemmens. Updated by reference librarians.

This guide identifies selected print and online sources (free and fee-based) for locating directory information for people in the legal or government communities.

Some online sources are restricted to users who have passwords or to University of Washington faculty, students, staff, and Library visitors.

Locating Attorneys & Lawyers

In Washington State

Washington State Bar Association, Resources, annual. KFW76.5.A2 A134; current edition at Reference Area & Reference Office
Iincludes a directory of contact information for WSBA members. The Lawyer Directory is a database of lawyers currently licensed to practice law in the state of Washington. The WSBA also maintains a database of disciplinary and non-disciplinary notices filed against attorneys from January 1997 to date.

King County Lawyers' Directory, annual. KF193.K54; current edition at Reference Area & Reference Office
Published by the Daily Journal of Commerce, contains an alphabetical listing by individual attorney and firm name.

Membership Directory - King County Bar Association. KF193.K56; current edition at Reference Office
includes both a photo membership directory and a non-photo membership directory with contact information.

Dex Phone Book is a collection of online directories including a yellow pages (allowing state specific searching by the categories, "attorneys" and "attorneys by specialty"), white pages, toll-free numbers, and government listings. Check the Yellow Pages section of the phonebook in your local area under the category "attorneys."

In the United States

Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, annual. KF190.B47; current edition at Reference Area
A nationwide directory of lawyers and law firms, with an alphabetical index of lawyers and a practice area index.
Available on the Internet for free as the Lawyer Locator and on LexisNexis: USA.

The Best Lawyers in America. KF190.B47; current edition at Reference Area
A listing of lawyers voted "best" by their colleagues. It is organized by state, then area of law, then city and includes an index of names.

The American Bar is a selective directory of "only law firms with outstanding reputations."

Avvo is a nationwide directory with ratings and reviews clients.

Cornell Legal Information Institute, Find a Lawyer is also a nationwide directory, with browse option by metropolitan area, state, or practice area.

Findlaw's Lawyer Directory is another nationwide directory of lawyers and law firms. (Formerly, the West Legal Directory.)

Hieros Gamos Law Firms Worldwide includes U.S. firms.

Legal Directories offers searchable directories of attorneys, law firms, and legal support business for 22 states (not including Washington).

Nolo's Lawyer Directory lets you enter your zip code and then select from among a list of legal issues (such as bankruptcy, criminal defense, divorce, personal injury, etc.)

Around the World

The American Bar, the Canadian Bar, the International Bar. KF190.A5; current edition at Reference Office
Organized alphabetically by states and countries, cities and law firms; includes an attorney index and a law firm name index.

Martindale-Hubbell International Law Directory, annual. KF190.M32; current edition at Reference Area & Reference Office. LexisNexis: INTL
A multi-volume set arranged by country then city, with an alphabetical index and an index by practice area.

Findlaw / West's Legal Directory International Attorney Search offers practice area and country searches.

Hieros Gamos Law Firms Worldwide

Butterworths Law Directory. LexisNexis: BLD
"A directory of solicitors and barristers in private practice, commerce, local government and public authorities in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales."

The Bar Directory covers barristers and chambers in England and Wales.

The Lawyer Group's Law Firm Search Page covers the United Kingdom, searchable by location, name, practice area, and keyword.


Locating Corporate Counsel

In Washington State

Washington State Bar Association Corporate Law Department Section, Corporate Counsel Directory. KF192.W38C6 1999 at Reference Office

In the United States

Directory of Corporate Counsel. LexisNexis: DIRCCC
Covers corporate law departments and attorneys in the US and Canada.

LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, Lawyer Locator includes an option to search for Corporate attorneys. Use the pull-down menu under "Areas of Practice."

Findlaw West Legal Directory, Corporate/Government Attorney Search


Judges and Judicial Staff

BNA's Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges, and Clerks. KF8700.A19K56; current edition at Reference Office
Includes a personal name index.

Judicial Staff Directory. JK1597.A3; current edition at Reference Office
Includes contact and biographical information on the federal judiciary, including judges and staff.

U.S. Courts, Contact the Federal Judiciary, is a searchable directory of courts, pretrial services offices, and probation offices.

Martindale-Hubbell's Lawyer Locator has an option to search for Government attorneys. Use the pull-down menu under "Areas of Practice."

Findlaw / West Legal Directory Corporate/Government Attorney Search.

United States Tribal Court Directory. KF8224.C6 S39 2002 at Reference Office

The Directory of Minority Judges in the United States, 3d ed. KF8700.A19 D57 2001 at Reference Office

Washington State Court Directories includes state, local, and tribal courts.


Legislators & Legislative Staff

In Washington State

Legislative Manual, State of Washington. KFW421.5.R8L5; current edition at Reference Area & Reference Office
Contains Washington legislator information.

Washington State House of Representatives, House Member Directory and Senate Roster of Members provides directory information; email addresses; and links to members' homepages, biographies, committees, bill sponsorship information, and recent voting records.

In the U.S. Congress

The Congressional Email Directory provides email addresses and websites of U.S. Senators and Representatives.

Congressional Staff Directory. JK1012.C65; current edition at Reference Office
Ccontains contact and biographical information on members of the U.S. Congress, their staff, and committees.

U.S. Senate, Senators and Office of the Clerk of the House Member Information provides directory and related information.

In Other States

State Legislative Directory. LexisNexis: STLEG.

Council of State Governments, Directory II: Legislative Leadership, Committees & Staff, annual. JK2403.B63, current at Reference Office


Executive Branch Agencies, Employees & Officials

In Washington State

Washington State Yearbook, annual. JK9230.W38; current edition at Reference Area & Reference Office
Contains contact information and brief descriptions of agencies.

Access Washington, Online Telephone Directory  provides phone and fax numbers for Washington State employees.

In the U.S. Government

FirstGov, U.S. Government Telephone and E-mail Directories links to sources of government toll-free numbers, elected officials, agencies, federal employees, military personnel, and Presidential appointees.

U.S. Government Manual, annual. K421.U57; current edition at Reference Area & Reference Office
Contains descriptions, organizational charts, and contact information for federal agencies, independent agencies, government corporations, commissions, and quasi-official agencies.

Who's Who in the Federal Government, from the Government Publications Department of the University of Memphis Library, covers all three branches.

Federal Regulatory Directory. KF5406.A15F4; current edition at Reference Office
Provides detailed information, including addresses and phone numbers, for the twelve largest regulatory agencies as well as selected independent regulatory agencies, cabinet department agencies with regulatory responsibilities and selected offices in the Executive Office of the President. Includes a name index.

Federal Staff Directory. JK661.J42; current edition at Reference Office
Contains contact and biographical information for the White House and executive departments and agencies.

Tax Analysts Federal Tax Officials Directory covers federal government tax attorneys in various agencies and departments. LexisNexis: TAXDIR.

In Other States

Council of State Governments, Directory III: Administrative Officials, annual. JK2403.B62, current edition at Reference Office

Council of State Governments, Directory I: Elective Officials, annual. JK2403.B61, current edition at Reference Office


Local Government

Directory of Washington City & Town Officials. JS303.W2A8; current edition at Reference Office

Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington, Search City & Town Officials is a searchable database by last name, first name, or title. Also includes a complete list of Washington City & Town Officials, arranged by jurisdiction.

The Washington Association of County Officials directory is arranged by county and contains phone, fax, email, website, and mailing addresses for county assessors, auditors, clerks, commissioners, coroners, prosecuting attorneys, sheriffs, treasurers, and other county officials.

U.S. Conference of Mayors, Meet the Mayors Database is a searchable directory by name, city, state, and population.


Locating a Law School Faculty Member

In the U.S.

The AALS Directory of Law Teachers. KF263.A833; current edition at Reference Office. Westlaw: WLD-AALS
Published by the Association of American Law Schools. It contains both an alphabetical listing of teachers and one by subject specialty. Additionally it includes lists of Admissions, Alumni Affairs, Development, Placement, and Academic Affairs Personnel. A list of Canadian teachers is organized by school.

The Association of American Law Schools, Member Schools page links to law school websites. Use the faculty directory at the appropriate website to search for a particular faculty member.

LexisNexis: LAWFAC, a searchable directory of law school faculty and LAWDIR, a searchable directory of law schools, both from Martindale-Hubbell.

Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools, annual. KF285.A45; current edition at Reference Area & Reference Office
Provides law school profiles, with websites and addresses.

Around the World

Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia. K530.M63 1984 at Reference Area
Includes the "World Law School Directory," organized by country.

Hieros Gamos, Law School Worldwide Directory.

The World of Learning, 51st ed. AS2.W6; current edition at Reference Office
Contains contact information for universities, colleges and libraries around the world, organized by country.

Australasian Law Teachers Association, Directory of Members. KT0.A4A87; current edition at Reference Office
Includes biographical and contact information for members organized by country, region then school. Includes a name index.

Jurist Canada, Law Teachers is a directory of Canadian law schools.

Canadian Association of Law Teachers, Directory of Law Teachers. KE280.C35; current edition at Reference Office
Includes directory information, organized alphabetically.


Locating a Person or Business Online

Email Addresses claims to be the "world's largest email directory." Search by person or business name.

GeoFinder maintains links to multiple directories for locating businesses and people.

U.S. General Accounting Office, Investigators' Guide to Sources of Information. JK468.P76I54 1997 at Reference Office
Covers sources of information about people, property, business, and finance. It is organized into chapters dealing with local and state government, federal agencies, directories and reference works, and electronic databases

Librarians' Internet Index, Phone Books contains descriptions of and links to various directories containing phone numbers, addresses, and email.

UW Libraries Telephone Books contains links to searchable phone and email directories (for individuals and businesses).

Infotel is an index of online phonebooks, including more than 400 links to yellow pages, white pages, business directories, e-mail addresses, and fax numbers from over 170 countries.

Marcus P. Zillman's Finding People  is a collection of Internet resources for locating people.

U.S. Postal Service ZIP Code Lookup


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