Supreme Court Nominations:
Hearings & Debates

Updated June 26, 2009.
Prepared by Cheryl Nyberg.

The Senate Judiciary Committee holds confirmation hearings on judicial nominees. The transcripts of these hearings are published and are available in print and online. This part of the guide identifies these sources.


The Supreme Court of the United States: Hearings and Reports on Successful and Unsuccessful Nominations. KF8744.J8 at Classified Stacks
This multi-volume set compiles confirmation hearings and related documents.

Alito Vols. 21-21D Ginsburg Vols. 15, 18 & 18A Reed Vol. 4
Black Vol. 4 Goldberg Vol. 6 Rehnquist Vols. 8 & 12
Blackmun Vol. 8     Roberts Vols. 20-20C
Bork (unc) Vol. 14 Harlan Vol. 6 Scalia Vol. 13
Brandeis Vols. 1-3 Haynsworth (unc) Vols. 10 & 17 Souter Vol. 16
Brennan Vol. 6 Jackson Vol. 4 Stevens Vol. 17
Breyer Vols. 19 &19A Kennedy Vol. 15 Stewart Vol. 6
Burger Vol. 7 Marshall Vol. 7 Stone Vol. 4
Carswell (unc) Vol. 11 Minton Vol. 5 Thomas Vol. 17
Clark Vol. 5 Murphy Vol. 4 Thornberry (unc) Vols. 9 & 9A
Douglas Vol. 4 O'Connor   Warren Vol. 5
Fortas Vols. 7, 9 & 9A Parker Vol. 9 White Vol. 6
Frankfurther Vol. 4 Powell Vol. 8 Whittaker Vol. 6







unc = unconfirmed

* Separately cataloged hearings are available for:

  • Brandeis. KF8745.B72 U55 1916
  • Souter. KF8745.S68 U55 1993
  • Thomas. KF8745.T46 U55 1993



GPO Access, Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Supreme Court Nomination Hearings, 1971-date
Links to PDF files of the published confirmation hearings for Alito, Breyer, Ginsburg, Kennedy, O'Connor, Rehnquist, Roberts, Scalia, Souter, Stevens, and Thomas.

Law Library of Congress, Supreme Court Nominations--Confirmed
Links to floor debates and votes, hearings, and statements.

University of California-Riverside, Supreme Court Justice Nominations
Links to biographical information, hearings, and other sources.


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