Forms & Resources for Federal & State Individual Income Tax Returns

Updated March 11, 2015.

The Gallagher Law Library and the Internet provide several sources for tax forms and information on completing forms. This guide outlines these sources; it should not be interpreted as tax advice.

If your tax issue requires in-depth tax research, please consult the Gallagher Finding Guide for Federal Tax Materials in the Gallagher Law Library.

Federal Tax Forms & Resources


The Internal Revenue Service is the best source for federal tax forms. The IRS website offers a wealth of Image of IRS Logoinformation that is usually sufficient for filing most individual tax returns. The following IRS sites are especially useful during tax season:

  • Forms and Publications: This webpage offers a variety of links to IRS forms and publications. You can search for forms and publications by topic, number, or by year. You can also order tax documents.
    • Selected Forms
      • Form 1040: US Individual Income Tax Return
      • Form 1040EZ: Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers with No Dependents
      • Form 2350: Application for Extension of Time to File U.S. Income Tax Return
    • Selected Publications
  • Filing Your Taxes: This page offers useful information for the current tax filing season. It contains tools, tips, and updates on changes in tax law.
  • E-File Page: If you plan on filing your tax return electronically, visit this helpful page.
  • Returns Address Page: If you plan on filing a paper return, visit this page to figure out where to send it.
  • Taxpayer Advocate Service Homepage: The Advocate Service is an independent organization within the IRS that helps taxpayers resolve problems with the IRS and recommends changes that will prevent future problems.
  • IRS FAQs: This page contains frequently asked questions about tax returns and their answers.
  • IRS en Español: IRS resources in Spanish include the following selected material:



The Gallagher Law Library has many good print resources that contain federal tax forms and information about filing them. The following are among the more useful:

Bender's Tax Return Manual, annual. KF6289.A1 B46 at Reference Area
Part I contains forms for the current tax year. Part II offers sample filled-in forms and easy-to-follow explanations.

RIA Federal Tax Handbook, annual. KF6285.F432 at Classified Stacks
Does not contain forms. Includes tax tables of all sorts and IRS Code section-by-section analysis that is succinct and up-Image of book cover of Stand up to the IRSto-date for the current tax year. The first twenty pages or so contain highlights for the current tax season. Use the index to find in-depth information about your tax topic.

Stand Up to the IRS, 12th ed. KF6324.Z9 D345 2015 at Reference Area
A plain-English guide about handling IRS audits and tax disputes. From Nolo Press, a publisher of legal self-help guides. Browse the online Table of Contents.

Top Federal Tax Issues for (year) (CPE Course), annual. KF6369.3.C642, current edition at Reference Area
Does not contain forms. Offers in-depth treatment of the top tax issues for the current tax season. Probably most useful to tax planners and tax attorneys.

U.S. Master Tax Guide, annual. KF6369.3.C64, current edition at Reference Area
Does not contain forms. Chapter 1 offers an overview of individual income tax returns.

U.S. Master Estate and Gift Tax Guide, annual. KF6572.Z9.C6, current edition at Reference Area
Those dealing with estate and gift tax issues will find this guide helpful.

West's Tax Law Dictionary, 2011. KF6287.S64 2008 at Reference Area
A helpful dictionary that explains both common and obscure tax terms. Definitions include citations to the IRS code where appropriate. Appendix C contains a listing of federal tax forms and instructions.

Keep in mind that your local public library and United States Post Offices also typically provide free federal and state tax forms.


Other Resources

Bloomber BNA Tax Calculators [UW Restricted]: Bloomberg BNA provides a variety of calculators to determine, among other things, 1040 Tax Calculator, Earned Income Credit Calculatory, and Self-employment Tax Calculator.

Where's My Refund?: This IRS page allows you to track the status of any tax refund you are entitled after you have submitted your individual income tax return.Image depicting U.S. Tax Court shield

Federal Taxpayer Receipt: This White House website includes a link to the Federal Taxpayer Receipt a tool that provides a breakdown of your income tax is apportioned in the federal budget. From the website: "Just enter a few pieces of information about your taxes, and the taxpayer receipt will give you a breakdown of how your tax dollars are spent on priorities like education, veteran’s benefits, or health care." See this Gallagher Blog Post for more information about the Federal Taxpayer Receipt.

United States Tax Court: "When the Commissioner of Internal Revenue has determined a tax deficiency, the taxpayer may dispute the deficiency in the Tax Court before paying any disputed amount." The U.S. Tax Court website provides, among other materials, information for pro se litigants, court forms, and the court's opinions.


State Tax Forms

State tax forms are best accessed online. Please note that some states do not require their residents to file individual income tax returns (Washington is one of these states).

To access state income tax forms, visit the Federation of Tax Administrators State Tax Forms page and click on your state of interest.


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