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Updated June 29, 2007.
Prepared by Cheryl Nyberg; updated by Ernesto Longa (2007).

Note: LexisNexis, and Westlaw are commercial databases. Users must have passwords/IDs to gain access to many of the databases described below. The Gallagher Law Library does not maintain public subscriptions to these sources.


Northwest Personal Injury Litigation Reports, 1993-date. Monthly. KFW51.J8 at Reference Area (last 6 years)


  • VERDCT;WA-ARB. Washington Arbitration Cases. Contains summaries of primarily personal injury arbitrations. Covers from 1994.
  • VERDCT;WAJURY. Washington Jury Verdicts & Settlements. Contains summaries of jury and nonjury verdicts and settlements. Covers from 1994.
  • ALLREC;WAJGT. Washington Judgment and Lien Filings. Covers filings from 38 counties (including King, Pierce, and Snohomish) from June 1992.
  • ALLREC;WAUCC. Washington Uniform Commercial Code Lien Files. Covers financing statements filed with the Washington Secretary of State, UCC Division.


  • JVN-JV. Jury Verdicts Northwest. Contains jury verdict, judgment, settlement, and arbitration summaries, including case type, geographic area, parties' names, attorneys' names, expert witnesses, facts, and verdict amounts. Covers cases from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington; from 1988. Includes information from Northwest Personal Injury Litigation Reports.
  • JVNWA-JV. Washington Jury Verdicts Northwest. Contains same information as above, but only for Washington cases.
  • JV-9TH. Jury Verdicts: 9th Circuit. Contains summaries of jury verdicts, settlements, and arbitrations in states in the 9th Circuit.
  • LRPWA-JV. Jury Verdict and Settlement Summaries--Washington. Contains same subjects as Jury Verdicts Northwest but compiled by a different source. Covers from 1987.
  • LJ-W. Washington Liens/Civil Judgment Filings.


  • Jury Verdicts Northwest offers selected highlights and a fee-based customized search service.
  • King County Recorder's Office, Records Search is a searchable database of public records filed with the County, including liens. Covers from 1991. 




  • Damages in Tort Actions, 1982-date. KF1250D35 1982 at Classified Stacks. LexisNexis
  • What's It Worth, 1985-date. Annual. KF1257.H3 at Reference Area (current edition; older editions at Classified Stacks) Available on LexisNexis.


  • TORTS;WORTH. What's It Worth.
  • VERDCT; ALLVER. Jury Verdicts & Settlements Combined. Contains summaries of jury and nonjury verdicts and settlements from all state reporters included in LexisNexis. Covers from 1984.
  • VERDCT; NTLREV. National Jury Verdict Review & Analysis from Jury Verdict Review Publications, Inc. Contains summaries. Covers from Sept. 1985.
  • VERDCT; NLJVER. National Law Journal Annual Verdict and Settlement Review. Describes large awards, trends, and awards reduced on appeal. Covers from 1990.
  • VERDCT; VERST. Verdicts, Settlements and Tactics. Contains summaries of cases from the 50 states. Indexed by topic categories (such as civil rights, dram shop liability, medical liability, toxic torts, wrongful life). Covers from 1988.
  • ALLREC; ALLJGT. Combined Judgment and Lien Filings. Contains filings from 45 states (including Washington) and D.C.
  • ALLREC; ALLUCC. Combined Uniform Commercial Code Liens Filings. Covers lien filings from all states, D.C., and the Virgin Islands.


  • JAS-JV. Combined JAS Jury Verdicts and Settlements. Contains summaries of civil jury verdicts, judgments, and settlements. Covers CT, DC, GA, MD, MA, MI, OH, RI, and VA, from 1987 or 1988.
  • JV-EMPL. Employment Law Jury Verdicts and Settlement Summaries. National scope. Contains summaries. Covers from 1987.
  • JV-NAT. Jury Verdicts--National. Contains summaries of jury verdicts, settlements, and arbitrations. 
  • CA-JV. California Jury Verdicts and Judgments. Contains summaries. Covers from 1991.
  • JV-PI. Personal Injury Jury Verdicts and Settlement Summaries. National scope. Contains summaries. Covers from 1987.
  • LRP-JV. Jury Verdict and Settlement Summaries. National scope. Contains summaries. Covers from 1987.
  • STEIN-DIG. Stein on Personal Injury Damages--Digest of Awards. National scope. Contains summaries.
  • JVRPNAT-JV. National Jury Verdicts Review & Analysis. National scope. Contains summaries. Covers from 1998.
  • LJ-ALL. Combined Liens & Civil Judgments. Covers the 50 states and D.C.


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