Washington Local Ethics Opinions:
Seattle & King County

Updated April 24, 2009.
Prepared by Cheryl Nyberg. Updated by Lori Fossum.


The Seattle Ethics & Elections Commission was established by Chapter 3.70 of the Seattle Municipal Code and it administers, interprets, and enforces the Seattle Code of Ethics, Chapter 4.16 of the Seattle Municipal Code.

The Commission also conducts investigations and issues advisory opinions that deal with specific issues and provide guidance.

Links to the Commission's administrative and interpretive rules are on its website.

Advisory Opinions


SEEC advisory opinions (1974- ) and settlements (2005- ). Searchable

Westlaw: SEA-ETH. Covers from 1992.

King County

The King County Board of Ethics provides "written advisory opinions concerning questions of ethics, conflicts of interest and the applicability of the Code of Ethics" upon the request of a County officer or employee.

The Employee Code of Ethics is found at Chapter 3.04 of the King County Code.

A subject-organized list of advisory opinions provides links to full-text opinions.


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