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HeinOnline Text & searchable database Law Journal Library: 1,100+ US law reviews. Most titles begin with vol. 1.  Varies by title



BNA Text & searchable databases 100+ newsletters mid-1990s - date


Educational & Training Resources Materials

BNA Email newsletters
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Text 100+ newsletters mid-1990s - date  

Current Index to Legal Periodicals Index & tables of contents 500+ US law reviews Weekly (last 6 weeks only) Sign in with UW Net ID
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Index 550+ law reviews & legal periodicals, US & worldwide; international & comparative 1984 - date

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Law 360 Text & searchable database News for & about the US legal & business communities Current Restricted to PCs in Wm. H. Gates Hall & laptops connected through the Gates Hall wifi network
BNA Text & searchable databases 100+ daily & weekly newsletters mid-1990s - date  
Nexis Uni Text & searchable databases Major US & international newspapers & wire services mid-1990s - date  

US Judicial

LLMC Digital Text & searchable database Court opinions from the US Supreme Court, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit & Court of Customs & Patent Appeals Varies by source



HeinOnline Text & searchable database Early American Case Law: about 20 titles, including American State Reports 1850-1984, varies by source  
HeinOnline Text & searchable database US Supreme Court opinions as published in the official U.S. Reports & books about the Court 1754 - date



Nexis Uni Text & searchable database Published & unpublished cases from state appellate courts & federal courts Varies by source  

Status of Laws & Cases


Nexis Uni: Shepard's

Searchable database Prior & subsequent history of US & state cases, statutes (laws) & other legal sources; references to citing cases, law review articles & other sources Daily Help

US Legislative

ProQuest Congressional Text, abstracts & searchable databases Bills, laws, hearings & legislative history Varies by source



HeinOnline Text & searchable database United States Code 1925 - current edition Help
HeinOnline Text & searchable database U.S. Statutes at Large (chronological arrangement of laws passed by Congress) 1789 - 2010 Help
HeinOnline Text & searchable database Congressional Record & its predecessors 1789 - 2011 Help
HeinOnline Text & searchable database Federal Legislative History Library: an index to published histories, selected histories & guides   Help
Readex Congressional Serial Set Text & searchable database Congressional reports & documents 1817 - 1980
LLMC Digital Index & searchable database U.S. Statutes at Large, vols. 1 - 111, pt. 3 1789 - 2007



US Administrative

ProQuest Congressional Text & searchable database Code of Federal Regulations
Federal Register
1980 - date



HeinOnline Text, graphics & searchable database Code of Federal Regulations 1938 - date Help
HeinOnline: Federal Register Library Text, graphics & searchable database Federal Register 1936  - date


HeinOnline Text, graphics & searchable databases US Presidential Library: Executive orders, proclamations, messages & papers Varies by source


HeinOnline Text & searchable databases Attorney general opinions 1791 - 1996  
LLMC Digital Text & searchable database Administrative decisions from various executive branch agencies Varies by source



HeinOnline Text & searchable database Treaties & Agreements Library 1776 - date



Checkpoint Text & searchable database US tax treaties In force treaties  

Subject-Specific Resources

Alternative Dispute Resolution

LawMemo Searchable database Appellate cases on arbitration   Subscribe with UW Net ID
International Commercial Arbitration in Asia Text   2006 Ask the reference librarian to sign in with the password.


HeinOnline: History of Bankruptcy Searchable text Subtitled Taxation and Economic Reform in American Party III. About    


HeinOnline: Congress & the Courts Text & searchable database Articles, books, Federal Judicial Center publications, legislative histories, regulations Varies by source  
HeinOnline: History of Supreme Court Nominations Text & searchable database Congressional hearings and reports on successful and unsuccessful candidates 1916 - 2012  


Chronicle of Higher Education Searchable newspaper News about & affecting colleges & universities 1989 - date Ask the reference librarian to sign in with the password.


Environmental Law Reporter Text & searchable database US & state articles, briefs cases, laws, policies &  regulations Varies by source How to Use
BNA Text & searchable database US, state & international laws, regulations, cases, policies & news Varies by source  

Indian Law

HeinOnline: American Indian Law Collection Text & searchable database Administrative agency decisions, articles, books, laws, legislative histories, regulations, related reports Varies by source

Intellectual Property

HeinOnline Text & searchable databases Administrative agency decisions, articles, books, examing procedure manuals, laws, legislative histories, regulations Varies by source About

International Law

HeinOnline: European Centre for Minority Issues Text & searchable databases "The ECMI conducts practice-oriented research, provides information and documentation, and offers advisory services concerning minority-majority relations in Europe. This library contains several publications of the ECMI, including ECMI Reports and Working Papers." Varies by source  
HeinOnline: Foreign Relations of the United States Text & searchable databases About 1861-1980 Help
HeinOnline: Foreign & International Law Resources Text & searchable databases International & Non-US Law Journals; Treaties & Agreements; Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court;  European Center for Minority Issues 1960 - date Contents
HeinOnline: United Nations Law Collection Text & searchable databases Commission on International Trade Law; International Court of Justice; international law of the sea; treaties; yearbooks Varies by source Contents

Labor & Employment

BNA Text & searchable database U.S. & state cases & arbitrations; email newsletters summaries & full decisions Varies by source Quick Reference Card
LawMemo Searchable database National Labor Relations Board decisions and other employment law cases   Subscribe with UW Net ID

Maritime Law

Lloyd's Law Reports & Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly Text & searchable database English maritime, insurance & commercial cases 1919 - date About

Ask the reference librarian to sign in with the password.


Lexis Securities Mosaic Text & searchable database U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission documents, filings, no-action letters, regulations; law firm memos; model agreements Variese by source Follow the catalog record "Online Access" link.


BNA Text 20+ newsletters, US & international Mid-1990s - date  
HeinOnline: Tax & Economic Reform in America, Parts I & II Text & searchable databases An "historical archive contains more than 3,500 volumes and one million pages of legislative history materials and other documents . . . includ[ing] nearly 42 years of historical legislation related to the internal revenue laws from 1909-1950 . . . and more than 100 other legislative histories related to taxation, economic reform, and stimulus plans."


(formerly RIA Checkpoint)

Text & searchable databases Tax Court cases, Internal Revenue Code & regulations, tax treaties, administrative materials, tax journals, U.S. Tax Reporter & Federal Tax Coordinator Varies by source Quick Reference Guide

User Guide

LLMC Digital Text & searchable database Decisions from US Tax Court & Board of Tax Appeals 1926 - 43 & 1970 - date About

Washington State

Deskbooks Text & searchable publications Washington State Bar Association-produced books written by attorneys Current

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HeinOnline Text & searchable databases Session laws, statutory codes, attorney general opinions Varies by source  
Nexis Uni Text & searchable databases Supreme Court & Court of Appeals cases, Annotated Revised Code of Washington, Revised Code of Washington (1991-date), Washington Administrative Code (2004-date), assorted city & county codes Varies by source  

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