Washington State Public Records Databases

Updated August 23, 2011.
Prepared by Cheryl Nyberg

Public records document transactions between citizens and their government. Washington's public records law (Chapter 40.14, Revised Code of Washington) defines "public records" and provides for their preservation.

Many state agencies make available searchable databases of public records on the Internet. The following list identifies public records databases of potential interest to legal researchers. The list is organized by topic. Entries include the agency responsible for the records and a brief description.

For other links to public records, visit Search Systems Public Records and BRB Public Records Search.

Businesses & Corporations

Department of Licensing: Business and professional license query system
Covers dozens of professions regulated by the Licensing Department, including architects, bail bondsmen, cemeteries, collection agencies, court reporters, engineers, firearms, funeral directors, geologists, martial arts, notaries, private investigators, security guards, travel agents, and others.

Department of Revenue: Business records database
Covers registered business.
Search by business or individual name or by UBI or tax registration number.
Provides tax registration or UBI number, legal entity name, "doing business as" name, mailing address, business location, and type of entity. 

Department of Financial Institutions: Financial services licensee database
Covers check cashers and sellers, consumer loan companies, currency exchangers, escrow agents and companies, franchises, money transmitters, mortgage brokers, mutual funds, payday lenders, and securities filings.

Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises: Minority and women-owned businesses

Secretary of State: Registered corporations
Covers corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, other partnerships, etc.


Campaign Contributions

Public Disclosure Commission: Campaign contributions and expenditure reports


Secretary of State: Registered charities and commercial fundraisers

Criminal Records

State Patrol: Criminal records
Includes convictions and arrests. Searchable. Fee-based ($10 per search).

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs: Sex offender search
Covers Level II and III registered sex offenders.
Search by street address and zip code; offender's name; or offense.
Provides offender information, including photographs, descriptions, and offense(s).


Multiple Subjects

An assortment of public record datasets, including building, electrical, and land use permits; crime statistics; traffic cameras; etc.

An assortment of King County public record datasets, including budgets, election results, food inspection reports, jail bookings, pet licensing sites, etc.


Occupations & Professions

Occupation / Profession Agency / Description
Multiple occupations & professions Department of Licensing
  • Covers several dozens occupations and professions, including appraisers, architects, auto dealers, barber and beauty shops, collection agencies, court reporters, engineers, firearm dealers, funeral directors and homes, investigators, notaries, surveyors, telephone solicitors, and travel agents.
  • Search by license type, business or individual name, license or UBI number, and/or address.
  • Provides name, license and entity type, UBI number, status, business and mailing addresses, and registered trade names.
Accountants Board of Accountancy
  • Covers certified public accountants, both individuals and firms.
  • Search by name or city.
  • Provides name, license number, and status.
Acupuncturists See Healthcare providers
Architects See Multiple occupations & professions
Attorneys Washington State Bar Association
  • Covers attorneys licensed to practice in Washington.
  • Search by bar number, name, city, phone number, service on a WSBA committee, status, and/or area of practice.
  • Provides individual and firm name, mail and email addresses, phone and fax numbers, bar number, date admitted to practice, and status.
  • See also the searchable database of lawyer discipline notices.
Chiropractors See Healthcare providers
Contractors Department of Labor and Industries
  • Covers contractors, electricians, elevator technicians, and plumbers.
  • Search by business or individual name, business owner name, city/county, license number, or UBI number.
  • Provides licensee name and type, address, phone number, status, specialties, parent company, business owner, bonds, insurance, and summons/complaints.
Court reporters See Multiple occupations & professions
Dentists & dental assistants See Healthcare providers
Electricians See Contractors
Elevator technicians See Contractors
Engineers See Multiple occupations & professions
Funeral directors See Multiple occupations & professions
Healthcare providers and facilities Health Professions Quality Assurance
  • Covers healthcare professionals and providers, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, counselors, dental assistants and hygienists, dentists, dieticians, massage therapists, midwives, nurses, optometrists, osteopaths, pharmacists, physicians and surgeons, psychologists, social workers, and veterinarians.
  • Provides birth year, license status and disciplinary actions.
Massage therapists See Healthcare providers
Midwives See Healthcare providers
Notaries See Multiple occupations & professions
Nurses See Healthcare providers
Pharmacists See Healthcare providers
Physicians See Healthcare providers
Plumbers See Contractors
Psychologists See Healthcare providers
Social workers See Healthcare providers
Travel agents See Multiple occupations & professions
Veterinarians See Healthcare providers

For other certified, licensed, and/or registered occupations and professions, see the Licensing Department's List of Licenses.


Unclaimed Property

Department of Revenue: Unclaimed property
Search by first and last name OR business name.

Uniform Commercial Code

Department of Licensing: Uniform Commercial Code filings


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