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Updated Sept. 17, 2015.

The Law Library subscribes to many online services for legal research and the Law Library catalog is also online. This guide describes hardware and computing services in the Law Library.

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Public Computers

The Law Library has a dozen Dell desktop computers available to users.

Use of the public PCs is limited to 1 hour per day. A software program monitors usage and users are automatically alerted when their time is about to expire.

Three public PCs are located in the Reference Area. These PCs are exclusively for legal research and are limited to 4 hours per day.

All users should sign on with UW Net IDs. Visitors who are not University of Washington students, faculty, or staff should register at the Circulation Desk. Upon registration, they will be given UW Net IDs.

Users are responsible for stopping their own work sessions if they want to use the remaining portion of their daily allotment. To stop your session, click on the Home icon and then the Stop Session button.

Do you need to read a diskette found in a library book? Go to the Circulation Desk and check out the portable diskette drive that is located on Reserve.

For information on printing from the public computers, see Printing & Scanning.

Wireless Network

All users with laptop or notebook computers may access the wireless network. See the Law School's page on wireless for specifications.

The wireless network is set up to require a UW NetID to access websites outside of the UW domain. For instance, the Law Library's catalog is in the UW domain; Google is not. If the URL does not include "" it is a site outside of the UW domain. UW faculty, students, and staff should sign in with their UW NetIDs.

Visitors who want to access non-UW websites through the Law School's wireless network should register at the Circulation Desk to receive a UW Net ID.

Neither the Law Library nor the Law School have staff to help visitors configure or trouble-shoot problems with their computers and the wireless network. UW students, faculty, and staff should seek assistance at one of the University's Technology Spaces.

Laptop users who want to print will need to download software to access the Library's Pharos printers (using the pay-to-print system). See the Printing & Scanning page for information about the software and step-by-step instructions.

Laptops that are infected with computer viruses or worms will be denied access to the wireless network.

Guests may find useful the following information:

Other local libraries that offer wireless networks include:


Online Legal Research Services

The Law Library and the UW Libraries subscribe to many online services for legal, government, general, and interdisciplinary research. The Legal Databases & Indexes page identifies sources that are often used by legal researchers, including legal periodical indexes, online law reviews, and government and subject-specific resources.

Connecting to Online Library Resources describes which services are available to which users.

Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance & Westlaw Next identifies UW law students and others who are eligible for passwords under the Library academic contracts.

Online Legal Research Services identifies databases available to all users and specific categories of users.

Please contact a reference librarian for additional information and assistance.


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