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Updated Dec. 9, 2015.

This quick guide provides information about services and facilities in the Gallagher Law Library and links to more detailed information for selected topics.

Address The Law Library's mailing address is:
Gallagher Law Library
William H. Gates Hall
Box 353025
Seattle WA 98195-3025
Alumni services Library Services for UW School of Law Alumni
ARIEL The Law Library's address is
Art A collection of Native American art is found throughout the Library. Map
The stainless steel sculpture on the south side of Gates Hall is called "Department of Forensic Morphology Annex," designed by Cris Bruch, created by Fabrication Specialties Ltd, and commissioned by the Washington State Arts Commission and the UW Public Art Commission.
Bench & Bar Files The index to the Bench & Bar files is located in catalog drawers located in the Reference Office. Ask a Reference Librarian for assistance.
Bills & invoices Payment can be made by cash (for the exact amount), check (payable to University of Washington), or credit card (at our secure payment site). Please have your invoice number ready when paying online.
BNA Bureau of National Affairs (a legal publisher); now part of Bloomberg Law. The Law Library has many print publications and a subscription to online products.
Book scanners Available in the two Copy Alcoves on L1. Free to use. Send PDF images to an email address (requires UW Net ID login), save to the Cloud, or save to your USB (thumb) drive.
Bookdrops Two inside Gates Hall: outside the Library entrance on L1 & Room 143, the Garvey Schubert Barer Student Commons.
One inside Gates Hall in the Supreme Cup Cafe area on the first floor.
Two outside Gates Hall: at the main entrance, northeast corner near Memorial Way & northwest corner near 15th Ave. NE.
Book Locators Floors L1 & L2: Attached to posts throughout the Classified Stacks. Useful for locating books with call numbers.
Briefs See the Gallagher guide on Court Briefs & Oral Arguments
CALR computer-assisted legal research. See the Gallagher guide on Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance & WestlawNext
Campus telephone Floor L1: Outside the Library, near the central elevators
Carrels Floors L1 & L2: Shown on the floor plans in purple. Electrical outlets provided for laptops. No ethernet connections; users with laptops should connect to the Internet via the wireless network.
Cassette Players Check out a cassette player from Reserve at the Circulation Desk.
For use in listening to cassettes found in the library collection.
CD-ROM drives Floor L1: 3 PCs adjacent to the Reference Office & the Circulation Desk.
Change machine Not available in the building.
Check at the Supreme Cup on the first floor of Gates Hall or the Burke Museum Cafe across parking lot N1.
Circulation Desk Floor L1, (206) 543-4086
Course reserve material shelved here; ask for by call number. Check out books, renew books, place holds, return books.
Information about Circulation policies, including registering to borrow books and use the Library's computers
Class photos Floor L2: A collection of UW School of Law class photographs.
Classified Stacks Floors L1 & L2: Library material arranged by call numbers (classification numbers).
Items located here may be checked out.
Collections Descriptions of the Library's collection and arrangement
Color printing One printer in the L1 Copy Alcove can produce color printouts. The cost is $.75 per page.
Compact Stacks Floor L2: Electronically operated moveable stacks, holding approximately 60% of the Law Library's collection. Includes most law reviews, regional reporters, old state reporters, treaty series, older volumes of the Congressional Record & the Federal Register, and court briefs.
Items located in the Compact Stacks may be checked out.
Computer labs No general computer labs are available in Gates Hall. Visit SpaceScout to locate other computer labs on campus (available only to UW-affiliated students).
Computers Floors L1 & L2: Access the Law Library's catalog, commercial indexes and databases and the Internet. The computers also have Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint..
with UW NetID required.
Users without UW NetIds can obtain one at the Circulation Desk. Use of the public area PCs is limited to 1 hour per day.
Reference Area PCs are limited to legal research use only & 4 hours per day.
See also Printing from Computers
Copiers Standard photocopiers are no longer available. Instead, scan documents or pages from books using one of the book scanners in the Copy Alcoves on L1, then send the images to be printed on one of the adjacent printers.
Copy & Send A fee-based service that provides photocopies of materials owned by the Law Library. Requires complete citations. Submit requests by form or by calling the Reference Office, 206/543-6794.
Course Reserves A small collection  at the Circulation Desk on Floor L1.
Court Reporters  
Databases Legal Databases & Indexes
Other full-text & index databases are available via the UW Libraries Articles & Research Databases page
UW School of Law students also have access to Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis, Westlaw & other legal databases; see Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance & WestlawNext.

One of two "cashless" methods for paying for printouts from Library computers. UW Husky Cards (to which value has been added) may also be used.
Purchase a Dawg-Prints card from the dispenser in L1 Copy Alcove next to the Bogle & Gates Law Student Lounge (machine accepts bills only).
Add value to a Dawg-Prints at the dispenser in the L1 Copy Alcove, online, or at several other locations on campus.
Get a refund or transfer value from an old Copy Quick Card to a Dawg-Prints or Husky Card.

Dictionaries Floor L1: Reference Area: Legal (Black's) on dictionary stands & at KF156.B53 2014.
General (Webster's): KF1625-KF1628 at Reference Area.
Chinese: PL1455 at Reference Area
Japanese: PL679 at Reference Area
Korean: PL937 at Reference Area
See also the Gallagher guide on Legal Dictionaries.
Directories UW School of Law librarians, faculty & staff
UW faculty, staff & students
UW departments & offices
See also the Gallagher guide on People-Finding.
Diskette drive Check out a portable diskette drive from Reserve at the Circulation Desk. For use in reading diskettes found in some library materials.
Donate to the Library Library facts and funding needs
DVD viewing Floor L1: 3 computers adjacent to the Reference Office.
Insert DVD, click on Start > DVD Viewer. Check out headphones from the Circulation Desk.
East Asian Law Dep't Floor L1: Room L138, (206) 543-7447
Legal material & reference assistance for China, Japan & Korea.
Ask for assistance at the Reference Office, floor L1, Room L110.
Emergency exits map
Exams UW School of Law exams, arranged by faculty members' names. Access limited to UW School of Law students. Login with UW NetID.
Food & drink Food allowed only in the Bogle & Gates Law Student Lounge (Room L113), L2 Student Org Commons & L2 group study rooms; access restricted to UW Law students.
Beverages in covered containers may be consumed throughout the Library.
Free Law Online Links to free sources of statutes, cases, regulations, administrative decisions & other primary legal materials for Washington & U.S.
Gallagher Chats An irregular series of conversations between UW law students and faculty about scholarship and other topics.
Gallagher, Marian Gould Former director for whom the Law Library is named. See also Marian Gallagher Society.
Gates Hall, William H. The building in which the UW School of Law & the Gallagher Law Library are housed.
Named after William H. Gates, Sr., a graduate of the UW School of Law.
For more information about the building see the Law School's page on William H. Gates Hall & the Columns article Return from Exile: William H. Gates Hall.
Good Reads Floor L1: outside of the Bogle & Gates Law Student Lounge (Room L113)
A collection of biographies, fiction, histories, quotation books & other books for the casual reader.
Group study rooms Floor L2, Rooms L244 - L255. UW Law students only; use your Husky card to enter.
Priority given to groups. No reservations required.
HeinOnline A web-based collection of law materials, including law reviews; government publications (Code of Federal Regulations, Statutes at Large, U.S. Reports, and others); and many other sources. A commercial source to which the Law Library subscribes, available to Law Library visitors.
Hours Recorded message: (206) 543-4086.
Husky Cards University of Washington faculty/student/staff identification card.
Add value & the card may be used to pay for photocopying & printing from Library computers & pay for campus parking.
Restaurants and other merchants also accept Husky Cards.
Interlibrary Loan Available only to UW School of Law students and faculty for academic purposes only.
John Jay letter A 1782 letter from John Jay to New York Governor Clinton on display in the Reference Area
Law Books on Demand A service offered only to UW School of Law alumni
Law reviews & periodicals Most law reviews are shelved by title in Compact Stacks, Floor L2.
Some journals are shelved by call number; consult the Law Library catalog.
See also Periodical Indexes.
Law students  
LexisNexis Available to UW School of Law faculty, students, and staff for law school course-related research only.
For more information, see Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance & WestlawNext
Printers are located in the Copy Alcove on L2 (next to the Group Study Rooms).
Other UW faculty & students have access through the UW Libraries Articles & Research Databases to Nexis Uni.
Library staff Floor L1. See also the Gallagher Law Library Staff Directory.
LL.M. & Ph.D. students  
Loan periods Vary depending on material & borrower's status
Loislaw A lower-cost commercial database of federal & state court opinions, statutes, administrative material, court rules. Formerly available to UW School of Law faculty and students; law school access program suspended.
See Low-Cost Legal Research Services on the Web
Magnifying reader Floor L2: Carrel next to the elevator
Maps Floors L1 and L2
Microfiche Floor L1: Reference Area Microfiche. Ask Circulation staff for assistance.
Microfilm Floor L1: Reference Area Microfilm. Ask Circulation staff for assistance.
Microfiche/film reader/printer/scanner Floor L1: Reference Area. Scanner located opposite Circulation Desk. Ask Circulation staff for assistance.
Newspapers Current issues of general, foreign & legal newspapers are found on L1.
Pencil sharpener Floor L1: Reference Office
Periodical indexes Current Index to Legal Periodicals, Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (1984-date), and HeinOnline (1887-date) available through the Legal Databases & Indexes page. Most of these databases are UW Restricted.
Index to Legal Periodicals (1908-date), K33.I5 at Reference Area.
Phone numbers Circulation:  (206) 543-4086. Press 0 to exit the message & speak to a staff member.
Library Hours: (206) 543-4086. Recorded message
Reference Office: (206) 543-6794
Library Administration: (206) 543-4089
Phones, Public Due to low use, the public phone was removed in June 2010.
Printing from library computers The Library uses a "pay-to-print" system called Pharos
When you want to print an item that is displayed on the computer monitor:
  1. Click on the Print icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Type in your name and the name of the document (any name you choose) in the pop-up screen.
  3. Go to one of the two "Pharos" printers, located in both of the Copy Alcoves on L1.
  4. Swipe your Husky Card or Dawg-Print card through the card reader & select your print job from the list.
  5. Printouts cost 12 cents per side (printing is done on both sides).
  6. Logout.

Need assistance? Ask at the Circulation Desk.

Refunds, complaints? UW Copy Services, uwcshelp@u.washington.edu or 206/221-7263.

Users may download software onto their laptops to send print requests to the Pharos printers. Visit the Dawg Prints Printer Locations page, scroll down to Gates Hall Law School, and click on the operating system that matches your laptop to download the appropriate software.

Recycling Floor L1: outside the Bogle & Gates Law Student Lounge (Room L113)
Reference Area Floor L1: enter between the Circulation Desk & the Reference Office. Map
Reference services Floor L1: Reference Office, Room L110
Assistance in finding all types of legal information & materials. Instruction in searching the Library catalog, other databases & the Internet. Email reference service available to UW law students, other members of the UW community & the public.  
Restrooms Floors L1 & L2
RIA Checkpoint A web-based tax law research service. Available to people who visit the Law Library and to students in the tax LL.M. program (who may register for individual passwords).
Scanners See Book Scanners and/or Microfiche/film reader/printer/scanner
Silver sculpture Department of Forensic Morphology Annex
Staplers & hole punches Floor L1: Copy alcoves and Reference Office
Study rooms Floor L2, Rooms L232-255. UW Law students only; use your Husky card to enter.
Priority given to groups and to those who reserve a study room.
U.S. legal materials Floor L1: Reference Area and Classified Stacks
Floor L2: Compact Stacks (older Congressional Record, Federal Register, etc.)
VersusLaw A lower-cost commercial database of federal, state, and tribal court opinions. Available to Law School faculty and students; registration required. See Low-Cost CALR Legal Research Services on the Web and Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance & WestlawNext
Videotapes The Law Library's collection includes many videotapes, all of which are represented in the Law Library catalog.
UW Law students can view videotapes in the group study rooms.
Visiting scholars  
Washington State legal materials Floor L1: Reference Area: cases, deskbooks, digests, law reviews, legislative material, practice material, statutes, regulations.
Floor L1: Classified Stacks: books, continuing legal education materials, older statutes and regulations.
Floor L1: Special Collections / Washington
Floor L2: Compact Stacks and law reviews
Westlaw Available only to UW Law students and faculty for course-related research.
Printers were removed by West in July 2013.
See Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance & WestlawNext
Wireless computing Throughout Gates Hall
Word processing Available on public computers in the Library. UW Law students have access to 3 PCs in the Law Student Lounge.
Other UW students should use Technology Spaces in other building on campus.
Most Seattle Public Library branches have computers with word processing software.

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