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Court Briefs & Oral Arguments

Identifies print and online sources, free and commercial, for briefs and oral arguments


The Washington Court of Appeals was created in 1969. RCW 2.06

There are three divisions:

  • Division I, sitting in Seattle
  • Division II, sitting in Tacoma
  • Division III, sitting in Spokane

Free Online Sources

Washington Courts

Online Commercial Sources

In the Gallagher Law Library

The Law Library has print and microfiche collections of briefs submitted to the Court since its inception.

Docket numbers are assigned by the Court when a case is filed. A case's docket number is shown on the first page of the written opinion. "Wn.App." represents the Washington Appellate Reports citation. Briefs from unpublished cases are omitted from the microfiche collection (that is, cases beginning at page 1001).

Years Division Docket Nos. Format Location Arrangement
1969 - 1990; 2002 - 2009 I 5 to 22386; 43963 to 65463 paper Compact Stacks docket no.
1969 - 1990; 2002 - 2009 II 1 to 12378; 22904 to 40950-0 paper Compact Stacks docket no.
1969 - 1990; 2002 - 2009 III 1 to 9336; 18812 to 28243 paper Compact Stacks docket no.
Years Citations
1988 - 2005 52 Wn.App. to
125 Wn.App. 938
fiche KFW48 .A5W3m
Reference Area
docket no.


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