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Internet Legal Resources: Links to selected Washington State and U.S. legal websites and to legal indexes and portals. This page is a good starting point for conducting legal research on the World Wide Web.

KeyCite: Is your case still good law? Has it been overruled, modified, cited as precedent? Try this alternative to Shepard's citators. Ask a reference librarian to type in the password. If the Reference Office is closed, ask at Circulation. KeyCite is a citation service only; you cannot see the full text of cases or other material. A free website providing searchable databases of Washington Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions (from 1939 and 1969, respectively), the Revised Code of Washington, the Washington Administrative Code, and numerous Washington city and county codes and ordinances.

lexisONE: A free source for the last five years of federal and state appellate caselaw. Users must register but searching and viewing documents is free. Also useful for identifying cases in the print Shepard's citators that provide only a Lexis document citation. You may also call Shepard's Editorial Support (800/899-6000 and choose option 5) to obtain the case name, jurisdiction, and parallel citation for any case Shepard's lists with a Lexis citation.

LexisNexis Congressional (formerly, Congressional Universe): Indexes publications of the U.S. Congress, including committee hearings and reports. Incorporates many of the print indexes and abstracts published by the Congressional Information Service (CIS).

Gallagher Law Library Homepage: Provides information on the Law Library's hours, collections, services, and publications. Includes a number of legal research guides.