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Court Reporters

Court opinions are published in sets called reporters. Digests are tools that help researchers locate cases on specific legal topics or issues.


The West National Reporter System organizes state court cases by region of the country. The map indicates the states that are included in each of the regional reporters.

The Law Library's subscriptions to the regional reporters ended in 2013 (some titles ended earlier). For more recent cases, use online sources.

Cases from Washington State appellate courts are found in the Pacific Reporter (and the official Washington Reports and Washington Appellate Reports, which are kept current).





Call No.


 Atlantic Reporter


 vol. 1, 1886 to
 vol. 75 (3d) 2013


 L2 Reporters Area



 California  Reporter

 Cal. Rptr.

 vol. 1, 1960 to
 vol. 137 (3d), 2003

 KFC47 .C32

 L2 Compact Stacks

 Cal. Rptr. 2d

 Cal. Rptr.  3d

 New York Supplement


 vol. 1, 1888 to
 vol. 959 (2d), 2013

 KFN5045 .A33

 L2 Compact Stacks


 North Eastern Reporter


 vol. 1, 1885 to
 vol. 993 (2d), 2013

 KF135 .N6N62

 L2 Reporters Area


 North Western Reporter


 vol. 1, 1879 to
 vol. 837 (2d), 2013

 KF135 .N7N6

 L2 Reporters Area


 Pacific Reporter


 vol. 1, 1883 to
 vol. 312 (3d), 2013

 KF135 .P2P32

 L2 Reporters Area



 South Eastern Reporter


 vol. 1, 1887 to
 vol. 750 (2d), 2013

 KF135 .S6S6

 L2 Reporters Area


 South Western Reporter


 vol. 1, 1887 to
 vol. 409 (3d), 2013

 KF135 .S7S6

 L2 Reporters Area

 S.W. 2d

 S.W. 3d

 Southern Reporter


 vol. 1, 1887 to
 vol. 122 (3d), 2013

 KF135 .S8S6

 L2 Reporters Area



Map of Regional Reporters