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Indian & Tribal Law

Resources for researching federal Indian law and Native American tribal law.

Research Guides: Indian & Tribal Law

Kelly Kunsch, A Legal Practitioner's Guide to Indian and Tribal Law Research, 5 Am. Indian L.J. 102 (2017). Practical, clear, thorough. Sections on compacts and on research tribal membership provide tips you might not see elsewhere.

Penny A. Hazelton, Indian Law Research in Washington, in Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook 3d at 211 (2002). Reference Area and Reference Office (KFW75.W37 2002). Includes an overview of federal Indian policy and Indian law terminology (e.g., "Indian Country," "federal trust responsibility"). Focuses on Washington State.

David Selden & Monica Martens, National Indian Law Library, Basic Indian Law Research Tips--Part I: Federal Indian Law (2008).

David E. Selden (National Indian Law Library), Researching American Indian Tribal Law, Colo. Law. (Feb. 2014).

Nancy Carol Carter, Native American Tribal Law, in Steven M. Barkan et al., Fundamentals of Legal Research 565 (10th ed. 2015).

Nancy Carol Carter, American Indian Law: Research and Sources, Legal Reference Services Q., Wtr. 1984-85, at 5 (HeinOnline).

Guides for Special Topics Within Indian & Tribal Law

The National Indian Law Library has research guides on specific topics:

  • tribal recognition
  • tribal enrollment
  • citizenship & borders
  • Indian trust responsibilities
  • tribal education
  • Indian Child Welfare Act
  • religion & sacred places
  • international indigenous rights
  • indigenous peacemaking
  • jurisdiction in Indian country
  • prisoner issues
  • environment & climate change
  • water rights & Indian land
  • co-management of public lands

Nancy Carol Carter, American Indian Tribal Governments, Law, and Courts, 18 Legal Reference Services Q., no. 2, at 7 (2000) (HeinOnline).

Nancy Carol Carter, Native Hawaiians: History, Law and Research, 21 Legal Reference Services Q., no. 1, at 5 (2002) (HeinOnline)

Nancy Carol Carter, The Special Case of Alaska: Native Law and Research, 22 Legal Reference Services Q., no. 4, at 11 (2003) (HeinOnline).

Nancy Carol Carter, American Indian Water Rights: Law and Research, 27 Legal Reference Services Q. 1 (2008) (HeinOnline).

Univ. of Oklahoma, Indian Land Titles. Includes several versions of a guide on Indian territoriality.

Indian Law Bibliographies

When you are looking for recent articles on a topic, you will most often use a full-text system like HeinOnline, Lexis, or Westlaw. But if you want to gather articles from several decades on, say, Indian fishing rights or state taxation of Indian businesses, a bibliography can save you time and help ensure thoroughness.

Michael Beaird, A Survey of American Indian Legal Sources (1974), Classified Stacks (KF8201.A1 B42), catalog record.  

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Research Guides: Native American Studies