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Indian & Tribal Law

Resources for researching federal Indian law and Native American tribal law.


Restatement Project

ALI logoThe American Law Institute is developing a Restatement on the law of American Indians.

This Restatement will cement the foundational principles of American Indian law. Topics include federal/tribal relations, state/tribal relations, tribal jurisdiction and authority, and Indian Country business law.

The Restatement covers the following in its six chapters: Chapter 1 Federal–Tribal Relations; Chapter 2 Tribal Authority; Chapter 3 State–Tribal Relations; Chapter 4 Tribal Economic Development; Chapter 5 Indian Country Criminal Jurisdiction; and Chapter 6 Natural Resources.

Discussion Drafts and Tentative drafts are available:

Journal Articles

HeinOnline's American Indian Law Collection (UW restricted) includes hundreds of law journal articles, curated by the editors to be about Indian law.

For more law journal articles, seach full-text databases in Lexis Advance, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, or HeinOnline. Note that HeinOnline has much greater historical coverage. Bloomberg Law's coverage is briefer than Westlaw's or Lexis's.

For articles from history, sociology, economics, anthropology, or any other discipline that touches on Indian law, use UW Libraries Articles & Research Databases. To find relevant databases, start with UW Libraries Research Guides.

Specialized Journals

Any law review can have an article about Indian or tribal law. The following journals specialize in the area.

Indigenous Governance Database