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Finding Washington State Laws

Washington State laws in print and online, free and commercial, current and historical

About Historical Washington Codes

When legal researchers need to know the language of the law at a point in time in the past, they turn to previous editions of the Revised Code of Washington or its predecessors.

The current Revised Code of Washington has been published in the same format since 1974. From 1951 through 1973, the Code was published in a series of looseleaf volumes.

Published before the Revised Code were a series of codes often known by their editors' names: Hill, McLaughlin, Ballinger, Pierce, and Remington.

Revised Code of Washington - Historical - Online Sources

The Lexis Advance link takes you to a search page with all states and several content types: codes (such as the Annotated Revised Code of Washington, constitutions, court rules, administrative codes (such as the Washington Administrative Code), and municipal codes.

Choose a category of content types, a date, and jurisdiction and then type your search terms into the box at the top of the screen.

Revised Code of Washington - Historical - Print Sources