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Foreign & Comparative Law

Foreign Laws

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Finding foreign law on a particular topic can be difficult, and trying to locate laws from multiple countries can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in this pickle, Multinational Sources Compared (co-authored by Gallagher Law Library's own Alena Wolotira) can be a real time saver. This resource allows you to browse by subject area or jurisdiction to locate just the right materials to assist with your research. Once you locate a resource that looks useful, search for it by title or ISBN in the library catalog to determine where you can find it. Multinational Sources Compared is available through the Gallagher Law Library in both print and online as outlined below.

Websites and publication from organizations that focus on the issue you're interested in can also be great resources. Below are a few examples of organizations that provide topic-specific compilations of the laws from multiple countries.

Secondary Sources

The secondary sources listed in this section of the guide will help you learn more about comparative law theory and practice for both common and civil law jurisdictions. As well as comparing the laws governing a particular subject in two or more jurisdictions. 

Note that some of these print books are also available online.