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U.S. Administrative Law Research

A guide to finding regulations and administrative decisions issued by federal agencies


Many agencies have a judicial-like function through decisions, opinions, and orders issued by administrative law judges or panels. Most--but not all--of these decisions are published, but no comprehensive list currently exists.

This part of the guide identifies some sources for administrative decisions issued by federal agencies.

Online Sources

Agency decisions are available on free and commercial online sources.

Free Internet Sources

Commercial Sources

Print Sources

The Law Library has printed series of federal agency decisions, many published by the government and some published commercially.

The following titles are just examples.



Because no comprehensive list of federal administrative agency decisions is currently available, the following sources might help you identify a collection by agency.

Veronica Maclay, Selected Sources of United States Agency Decisions, 16 Government Publications Review 271-301 (1989).
Contains a thorough list of print sources available in 1989.