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Study Aids for Law Students

Library resources for law students to help prepare for class and exams.

Check Out a Study Aid

The Law Library has a number of different types of commercial outlines, brief books, and hornbooks for you to use to prepare for exams.

Check out: The most recent editions are in the Reference Area and can be checked out for 2 weeks. Older editions (which are sometimes only a couple of years old) are in the Classified Stacks and can be checked out for weeks (usually 12 weeks for law students).

There are different kinds of study aids we collect (by different legal publishers) on a number of different common law school subjects.

Study Aids Subjects and Call Numbers

Look in the Reference Area at for current study aids on these subjects. (Older editions you can check out are in the Classified Stacks.)

1L Courses Upper Level Courses Upper Level Courses Upper Level Courses Upper Level Courses

Civil Procedure: KF8841

Administrative Law: KF5402

Criminal Procedure: KF9619 Health Law: KF3821 Patent Law: KF3114

Constitutional Law: KF4502

Agency & Partnerships: KF1345 Disability Law: KF480 Immigration Law: KF4800 Remedies: KF9010

Contracts: KF801

Alternative Dispute Resolution: KF9084 Education Law: KF4119 Indian Law: KF8204 Secured Transactions: KF1050

Criminal Law: KF9219

Bankruptcy: KF1501 Employment Discrimination: KF3454 Intellectual Property: KF2979 Securities Law: KF1436

International Law: KZ

Bar Exam Preparation: KF303 Estate Planning: KF750 Labor Law: KF3319

Tax (Estate and Gift): KF6571

Legal Research: KF240

Civil Rights: KF4749 Energy & Utilities: KF2120 Land Use: KF5692 Tax (Federal Income): KF6285

Legal Writing: KF250

Conflict of Laws: KF400 Environmental Law: KF3775 Legal Ethics: KF306 Trademark Law: KF3180

Real Property: KF570

Copyright Law: KF2991 Evidence: KF8935

Military Law: KF7210

Trial Advocacy: KF8915

Torts: KF1249

Corporations: KF1384 Family Law: KF505

Municipal Law: KF5300

Wills: KF753